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Feel the Youthfulness Be Young & Beyond All-round Medical Cosmetic Treatments, Bringing You Perfection
Feel the Youthfulness Be Young & Beyond All-round Medical Cosmetic Treatments, Bringing You Perfection

Recommended Medical Cosmetic Treatments

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

  • Harvard R&D patented cryolipolysis fat-freezing technology

  • Crystalizes and necrotizes fat cells, destroys body fat at its root

  • Destroyed fat cells go through metabolic removal, thinning body fat layers naturally

  • Localized fat reduction, achieve desired body-shaping results

PicoWay Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Treatment

  • Dual-wavelength laser technology

  • US dermatologists-recommended brand^

  • Intense-pulsed energy penetrates the innermost skin layers, shattering underlying melanin

  • All-rounded hyperpigmentation removal

I-Genius Eyebag Treatment

  • Ultrasound energy + monopolar radiofrequency + cooling treatment handpiece tip

  • Improves eye area microcirculation, stimulates collagen growth

  • Dissolves eye bag fat painlessly and non-invasively

  • Removes dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, tear troughs and more

F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment

  • Low-energy (650nm) laser hair growth technology

  • Stops hair loss, fosters healthy hair and scalp, restores hair growth

  • Penetrates deep into the hair follicles to encourage capillary repair

  • Improves blood circulation at the scalp for natural and strong hair growth

Why choose our medical cosmetic treatments?

High Validity

  • Generic beauty salons and aesthetic clinics may not be able to provide treatments that address specific body-and-skin concerns. For instance, some brightening treatments brighten up overall skin tone but fail to remove pigmented spots; some slimming procedures impact bust size. In contrast, we use high-tech cosmetic equipment to focus on your aesthetic concerns, which makes our beauty procedures highly effective. Our treatments can give you the promised results alongside your confidence.

Efficient Results

  • Personalised treatment is the key to addressing many beauty concerns. Our professional team is committed to following up on each client's case and customising treatment plans according to individual needs. Furthermore, our beauty products, designed for Asian skin and body, can speed up treatment results.

Comprehensive Treatments

  • To ensure everyone can find the treatment that targets their beauty concerns, we provide comprehensive treatments for addressing a wide range of body issues, including hyperpigmentations, wrinkles, ice pick scars, back acne, core & lower body fat, and more.

Professional Evaluation

  • Our dedication and professionalism in providing medical beauty services have earned numerous testimonials and referrals. Our aesthetic therapists have undergone rigorous training and tests; our equipment for consultation and analysis is professional and high-quality. We guarantee safe and enjoyable treatments that provide timely and satisfying results.


  • We search and select world-class medical cosmetic treatments and equipment, as we are committed to providing non-invasive, enjoyable, and highly-effective personalised treatments.

Your Best Choice in Medical Beauty

<strong>21</strong> Years of Professional Experience

21 Years of Professional Experience

We have 21 years of professional experience in customizing treatments and products to suit each client's needs.

Over <strong>100</strong> Branches Worldwide

Over 100 Branches Worldwide

We have branches across the globe, all of which are located in convenient locations

Biggest Public-Listed <br /> Medical Beauty Company in Asia

Biggest Public-Listed
Medical Beauty Company in Asia

We are at the frontier of Medical Beauty in Asia. We employ top-rated and certified equipment to provide you with safe and effective beauty treatments.

<strong>4,300,000</strong> Testimonials*

4,300,000 Testimonials*

Numerous testimonials on the significant treatment results and attentive services provided by our professional team.

Internationally-Listed Medical Group with 12 Billion Market Value**

Internationally-Listed Medical Group with 12 Billion Market Value**

International-listed group - confidence guaranteed. We aim to provide perfect services with full-ranged, world-class treatments and equipment.

Personalised Beauty Treatment Schedule

Our team of professional and caring medical therapists are dedicated to your well-being.


Comprehensive Evaluation Before Treatment

The beauty specialists at Perfect Medical will conduct a detailed pre-treatment evaluation on each customer to understand the customer's wants and needs regarding appearance and body shape. The evaluation helps determine the most suitable treatment.


Personalised Treatment Plans

Each individual has unique skin and body problems. Our therapists will analysis the particular problems before treatments in order to understand the customer's expectations regarding appearances. Our therapists will develop a treatment plan, progress estimation, and timetable to meet your needs with minimal time.


Follow-up After Treatment

After the treatment, Perfect Medical's professional consultants will follow up your progress and help you with booking the next session. We want to know more about your opinions for advancing our treatments and services.

As a well-known beauty centre in Hong Kong, Perfect Medical recognises that each customer has unique needs, which is why we are committed to become a one-stop beauty treatment provider by delievering comprehensive and personalised medical aesthetic treatments. We strictly follow the latest disease prevention measures. We also follow the "no-hardsell" rule. Let us guide you in achieving perfect beauty in our safe and comfortable environment.

Our Promises

Caring Services

Caring Services

Our professional team follows up on your treatment progress and provides thoughtful insights on maximizing your treatment results.

Significant Results

Significant Results

We assure the most satisfactory results from our beauty treatments # and strive to make you look as stunning as possible.

 and Safe

Comfortable and Safe

Our aesthetic therapists have undergone professional trainings. They will implement your treatments in a safe and comfortable environment.

Professional Treatment

Professional Treatment

Perfect Medical utilizes world-class, advanced technology and equipment for all your treatments.


Body Profile Analysis And Ultra Femme

Body Profile Analysis And

Ultra Femme

Like Fans Page For Hydro Radiance Face mask

Like Fans Page

For Hydro Radiance Face mask

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#The treatment effect will differ depending on the individual's skin & physical condition and other factors.

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