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BTL Emsella Treatment

Perfect Medical"s BTL Emsella Treatment: patented HIFEM™ technology stimulates contractions at the pelvic floor muscle, energizing the muscle group and enhancing muscle control3. One BTL Emsella Treatment session equals an intense Kegel workout. This vaginal tightening treatment is ideal for mature women, postnatal mothers, and those with vaginal laxity due to external factors! The BTL Emsella Treatment is non-invasive, painless, and does not require undressing; no downtime is necessary, making this treatment convenient for your busy daily schedule!

Do you wish for the following effects?

Painless and non-invasive

Immediate results

Vaginal tightening results

Easy and convenient procedure

Got postnatal-vaginal & pelvic floor muscle laxity? Improve your concerns just by "sitting it out"!

BTL Emsella Treatment

3 big functions: Stimulates collagen production, improves vaginal laxity, strengthens the pelvic floor muscle!1


A healthy vagina and pelvic floor muscle are vital in maintaining feminine health. However, most ladies view vaginal problems as embarrassing topics and are reluctant to seek medical help due to privacy concerns. BTL Emsella Treatment is here to help! The non-invasive high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) technology emits electromagnetic energy at the pelvic floor muscle, energizing the cells and tissues. This convenient treatment requires neither undressing nor exercising—simply sit on the innovative tightening equipment chair to induce powerful contractions at the pelvic floor muscle. This treatment helps to enhance muscle control, tighten the vaginal wall and increase moisture, giving vaginal rejuvenating results far exceeding that of Kegel exercises.

Target Concerns

Vaginal laxity, loose and weak pelvic floor muscle, vaginal dryness and more.

Suitable Users

Postnatal mothers, those concerned with pelvic floor muscle health, and those who want to improve vaginal health.


This treatment stimulates muscular fibrous cell growth and muscle protein synthesis for long-lasting muscle strengthening effect2.


This non-invasive and painless2 treatment requires no undressing. Instead, you simply need to sit on the equipment chair for 30 minutes.


BTL Emsella Four Major Treatment Advantages


No undressing


Tightens vaginal tissues3

美国 FDA Cleared



Non-invasive, painless and wound-free2

Causes of Vaginal Concerns


Postnatal vaginal dilation

One of the most common causes of vaginal laxity is postnatal vaginal dilation. Natural birthing allows the fetus to pass through the birthing canal, stretching the canal in the process, possibly leading to postnatal vaginal laxity. Moreover, the birthing process can tear the vaginal cavity, resulting in postnatal vaginal laxity.


Menopause lowers estrogen levels. That plus collagen loss leads to atrophied, thin, dry and loose vaginal mucosa, resulting in vaginal laxity.

Daily habits

Unhealthy habits such as overindulging in sugary treats and oily, fried food, as well as lacking exercise and sleep can all result in protein loss, leading to muscle loss and eventual vaginal laxity.

Loose pelvic floor muscle

The pelvic floor muscle is composed of three muscle parts that extend from the pubic bone to the tailbone. The pelvic floor muscle holds organs such as the rectum and bladder in place, as well as controls the urethral, vaginal, and anal muscles. The pelvic floor muscle may sag postpartum or due to aging, resulting in incontinence (urine leakage).


Why Choose the BTL Emsella Treatment?


Relaxing and convenient

HIFEM technology emits electromagnetic energy to penetrate the pelvic muscle floor. Undressing is unnecessary—simply put on some breezy clothes and sit on the treatment chair to enjoy!


No downtime needed

Unlike Fotona Vaginal Tightening, the BTL Emsella Treatment requires no downtime, affecting neither daily nor sexual lives.



Unless previous vaginal tightening technologies, there is no treatment probe inserted into your vagina during the BTL Emsella Treatment procedure. Instead, all you need to do is seat on the equipment chair.


Painless and wound-free

Your pelvic area will feel slightly warm during the treatment. The procedure is painless and comfortable.

Rejuvenate your vaginal area here!

Steps of the BTL Emsella Treatment

Step 1

Body condition consultation

The consultant will first get to know your body condition. The treatment will be delayed if you are on your period. People with specific health conditions are also not permitted to undergo the BTL Emsella Treatment. Our professional team will examine your health condition meticulously before proceeding with the treatment.

Step 2

Pinpointing the root cause

The consultant will get to know your vaginal concerns after confirming your suitability. Common vaginal concerns include vaginal laxity and weak pelvic floor muscle. These pieces of information help with adjusting the treatment equipment. Moreover, you and the consultant will jointly set up your treatment plan.

Step 3

Pre-treatment Preparation

The consultant will walk you through the procedure and benefits of the BTL Emsella Treatment. You may also sit on the equipment to have a feel of it.

进行 BTL 幸福椅疗程
Step 4

Proceeding with the BTL Emsella Treatment

There is no need for undressing: simply sit on the equipment chair for 30 minutes to enjoy the treatment session! You will feel strong vibrations in your pelvic area for the first 5 minutes, which you will get used to gradually.

Step 5

Post-treatment follow-up

The professional team will take note of your opinions regarding the treatment post-session. The team will also provide you with daily aftercare tips and help you with booking the next appointment.


BTL Emsella
Post-Treatment Aftercare Tips


  • Maintain a regular daily schedule with sufficient sleeping hours to boost the body's self-repair mechanism.
  • Consume Vitamin A and C-rich foods to help with collagen proliferation.


  • Limit sugary and fried food intake to prevent pre-mature aging of collagen content.
  • Avoid all-nighters, as sleeping late slows the metabolic rate, thereby dehydrating the skin and worsening skin quality.

Comparing Vaginal Tightening Technologies

BTL Emsella Treatment


HIFEM patented technology emits electromagnetic energy at the pelvis floor muscle, improving muscle control by inducing pelvis floor muscle contractions. This treatment gives results akin to intense Kegel exercises.

Effective Time

Experience improvement in vaginal tightness right after the first treatment session.


Experience treatment effects right after the first session. Complete the entire treatment plan to significantly strengthen loose pelvic floor muscle.


Non-surgical, non-invasive, wound-free and painless.

Comfort level

Relaxing and comfortable; simply sit on the treatment chair to complete the treatment session.

Sessions Needed

Those with mild vaginal laxity will require about 4 treatment sessions per treatment plan. while the more severe cases require around 8 treatment sessions per treatment plan.

Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening Treatment


Sterilized treatment probe is inserted into the vaginal opening. The treatment probe emits either segmented laser energy or monopolar radiofrequency energy at the vaginal wall. The photothermal energy stimulates collagen proliferation.

Effective Time

See improvement after the first treatment session.


About one-year-long treatment results.


This is a safe but slightly inconvenient treatment, as you will need to remove your pants for the insertion, which can be an embarrassing affair for some.

Comfort level

The heating treatment probe will be inserted into the vaginal opening, making for a slightly warm treatment procedure. This treatment might be slightly painful for some people.

Sessions Needed

4 to 6 treatment sessions are needed.

Tension-free Vaginal Tape surgery


Placing a tension-free vaginal tape under the urethra to strengthen the weakened pubourethral ligament, thereby preventing urine leakage and incontinence.

Effective Time

Complete the surgery to improve urine leakage and incontinence.


Long-lasting results.


Post-surgical complications include bladder rupture, vascular injury, and post-surgical urination difficulty.

Comfort level

This is a surgical procedure with incisions. You shall not lift any heavy objects for 1 month post-surgery, and no physical work for 3 months post-surgery.

Sessions Needed

Once only.


Skin Analysis And BTL

Skin Analysis And


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BTL Emsella Treatment

Who is not suited for the BTL Emsella Treatment?

You shall not undergo the BTL Emsella Treatment if you have a pacemaker, cardioverter defibrillator, or any metal/electric implants (i.e. IUD). Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with bleeding disorders or cardiac disorders, as well as those undergoing anticoagulant therapy or cancer treatment shall not take the BTL Emsella Treatment. As a side note, we will delay your treatment session if you are on your period.

Can Kegel exercise help with tightening pelvic floor muscle?

Kegel exercises are popular yet ineffective—you will need to perform the exercises for at least 6 months to begin seeing results. In contrast, a 30-minute BTL Emsella Treatment session can give you pelvis-tightening results akin to numerous Kegel exercises. Moreover, the BTL Emsella Treatment requires no undressing—simply wear some breezy clothes and sit on the equipment chair for half an hour. The procedure is painless and effective.

How can the BTL Emsella Treatment address vaginal dryness?

Besides encouraging collagen proliferation to improve vaginal laxity, the BTL Emsella Treatment can also increase the moisture level of the vaginal wall, thereby enhancing sex life quality. The BTL Emsella Treatment can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscle for tightening the vaginal cavity. Whether it is postnatal vaginal laxity or vaginal dryness that impacts your sex life, BTL Emsella Treatment is here to help.

Can I undergo the BTL Emsella Treatment if I have never given birth before?

It doesn't matter whether you have given birth before—you are welcome to undergo the BTL Emsella Treatment so long as you have vaginal conditions. Women over 35 years old and not planning on giving birth can undergo this treatment to strengthen pelvic floor muscle, thereby tightening the vaginal cavity. Women entering menopause may also undergo this treatment to revive elastic vaginal walls.

Will my treatment results improve if I take as many BTL Emsella Treatment sessions as possible?

BTL Emsella Treatment utilises electromagnetic energy, in which the human body has an intake limit. Therefore, you have a limit on how many sessions you may undergo. Our professional team will determine the number and frequency of your treatment sessions.

Where can I enjoy discounted first trial of BTL Emsella Treatment in Hong Kong

Perfect Medical is now promoting a special offer of BTL Emsella Treatment.Simply register online to experience an entire treatment session for free. As complementary service, the professional experts will provide you with a customized treatment and answer all your relevant questions. Feel free to contact us for more information. Learn about Hong Kong branch addresses and opening hours

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer