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  i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

Perfect Medical introduces the I-Genius Eye-Bag Treatment. The professional treatment handpiece releases ultrasonic vibration energy and mono-wavelength radio frequency energy to the undereyes. The energy dissolves undereye bag fat while stimulating collagen proliferation, effectively smoothening wrinkles, tightening eye bags and lessening dark circles.

Do You Want These Benefits from Your Eye Treatment?

Non–invasive and painless

Non–Immediate results

Lifting and contouring

Tightens skin around the eyes

Dissolve excess eye bag fat, revive gleaming and soulful eyes!

I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

The three major results from I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment: remove under eye bags, smoothen wrinkles, and brighten dark circles.


I-Genius is the world's only technology combining ultrasonic vibration energy and mono-wavelength radio frequency energy. This technology, administrated with the patented CRYO cooling treatment probe, can relieve water retention and dissolve deep-seated eye bag fat. i-Genius can remove all types of eye bags, dark circles, tea troughs and eye wrinkles, restoring youthfulness to your eyes.

Target issues

Eye area concerns, such as tear troughs, dark circles, wrinkles, and eye bags < sup>1

Suitable users

Those concerned about their eye bags and eye skin area problems


Don't damage or overwork your eyes to enjoy long-lasting results3


This treatment is non-invasive; the handpiece dissolve fat by massging the eye bags in circular motions, which brings no skin damage2


Four Main Treatment Advantages

Double lever technology

Double lever technology

Remove eye bags and dark circles

Remove eye bags and dark circles3

Tighten skin around eyes

Tighten skin around eyes

Non-invasive and painless

Non-invasive and painless 2

Common Eye Area Concerns


Eye Bags

Aging causes loss in collagen and loosening of the fascia (connective tissue) around the eye areas, meaning the loss of support for the undereye periorbital fat, resulting in protruding eye bags. Furthermore, other factors such as fluid retention, infection, pressure, and fatigue can also contribute to eye bags.

Dark eye circles

The most common causes of dark eye circles are pigment accumulation, sun exposure, and heredity genes. Moreover, allergic rhinitis, poor sleep, crying, and too much salt intake will impact blood circulation around the eyes, which darkens the eye areas. What's more, aging means loss of collagen, which thins the skin and makes the blood vessels more prominent, resulting in dark circles.

Eye Wrinkles

The skin gets dry more easily as you age. Dehydration, combined with rapid and frequent contractions of eye muscles, results in wrinkles. Sun exposure and cold weather can also dry your skin and give you wrinkles. Poor sleep, poor diet, and low water intake also results in the formation of eye wrinkles.

Tear troughs

A tear trough is a deep crease which starts from the inner eye corner and goes below the eye. Tear trough shows up when your skin gets thin due to aging-induced collagen loss. When the skin becomes thin, blood vessels becomes more visible, resulting in a dark shadow under the eye which promotes a tired look.


Why Choose the I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

Remove Eye Bags

Remove Eye Bags

The lower orbital septums get loose as you age, resulting in protruding undereye periorbiral fat, aka under eye bag. i-Genius technology emits energy into the innermost tissue layer, effectively dissolves eye bag fat and rejuvenates your eyes!


Tighten skin around eyes

I-Genius energy promotes blood circulation and stimulate collagen growth around the eyes, making your eyes area skin bouncy and young again.



The patented eye area handpiece emit a combination of ultrasonic vibration and mono-wavelength radio frequency. The energy dissolve eye bag fat painlessly and give no wounds.

Painless and Wound-less

Painless and Wound-less

This treatment is non-surgical and results in no skin damage.

Do you have old-looking wrinkes? Here's you magical tool to eye rejuvenation!

Steps of I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

Professional Skin Analysis
Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

Perfect Medical's professional team will analyse your skin and understand your expectation.

Skin Allergy Test
Step 2

Skin Allergy Test

Perfect Medical’s consultant will discuss with you your daily routine to find out the cause of eye bags (i.e. dehydration, heredity). Our professional team will use the conclusion of the discussion to set up a personalized treatment plan just for you.

 Preparation before treatment
Step 3

Preparation before treatment

The aesthetic therapist will explain to you the theory and procedure of I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment. Then, the therapist will do a small patch test of the energy to see you and your skin's reactions. The therapist will only continue the procedure when there is no adverse reactions.

Operating I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment
Step 4

Operating I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

The professional and experienced therapist will use the patented CRYO eye probe to release ultrasonic vibration combined with mono-wavelength radio frequency for removing eye bags.

Professional follow-up post-treatment
Step 5

Professional follow-up post-treatment

After completing the I-Genius Eye Bag session, our consultant will take note of your opinions and skin reaction post-treatment. The consultant will also help you book the next session.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Moisturise you skin frequently to promote collagen growth
  • Apply sunscreen when outdoors


  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • Stop using irritating skin care products such as face scrubs and chemical exfoliant, both of which may cause skin allergic reactions.

Comparing Popular Eye Bags Removal Methods

I-Genius Eye Bag Treatment


Professional eye probe makes contact with the skin to release energy, stimulating collagen, breaking down melanin, and dissolving excess eye bag fat, effectively tightening eye bags.

Wait Time for Results

Visible results after the first treatment.


Practice regular eyecare routines for long-lasting treatment results.


High safety, non-invasive, painless and brings no skin damage or scars.

Comfort level

Most of the clients feel comfortable during I-Genius Eye Bag treatment.

Treatment Number Needed

Depends on the individual. Most treatment courses consist of 6 sessions. However, patients with severe eye bags may need 12 sessions.

Eye Bag Surgery (Lower Lid Blepharoplasty)


A incision is made to extract excess eye bag fat tissues.

Wait Time for Results

Surgical results are visible only after removing the stitches . You cannot wear makeup in the meanwhile.


Many people think eye bag surgery gives permanent results. Unfortunately, eye bags may reoccur with improper post-surgical aftercare.


This is an invasive surgical procedure that can result in scars.

Comfort level

This is an invasive procedure that brings skin damages and needs downtime.

Treatment Number Needed

This is usually a one-time treatment, but there is a chance of eye bag reoccurence.

Eye cream


Many eye creams contain organic extracts to stimulate skin cells. Some eye creams are specific for blocking UV light and other invasive exposure.

Effective time

It needs to be used for several months depending on the individual's body and eye skin condition.


Eye bags will reappear if you stop the usage.

Degree of Safety

You should buy branded eye cream and beware of possible allergic contents.

Comfort level

Comfortable, as you are just applying creams on your eyelids. However, you need to be aware of ingredients in the eye cream you might be allergic to.

Times of treatment

Need to apply on the face twice daily for at least two months


Before Treatment

Before Treatment

After treatment

After treatment


Skin Analysis And i-Genius

Skin Analysis And


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What is the theory behind the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

i-Genius is the world’s only treatment combining ultrasound and mono-wavelength RF energy. The i-Genius treatment probe touches the skin lightly to emit thermal energy into the innermost skin layers. The thermal energy breaks down melanin, stimulates collagen growth and dissolves eye bag fat. i-Genius can tighten your eye bags, brighten your dark circles and smoothen your eye wrinkles.

Why not go for an eye bag surgery for quicker results?

There are two approaches to lower eyelid blepharoplasty: the trans conjunctival approach and the trans cutaneous approach. Trans conjunctival approach means making an incision at the inner lower eyelid to extract the eye bag fat. In contrast, trans cutaneous approach means making an incision below the lower lash line to extract eye bag fat, and then remove and tighten excess eyelid skin. The trans cutaneous approach is suitable for those with more chronic eye bags and saggy lower eyelids; while the trans conjunctival approach leaves hidden scars and is for those with mild eye bags. Regardless of the approaches, lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a high-risk and invasive surgery with long downtime. While results are immediate, there is a high risk of post-surgical complications such as bruises, scars, infections, and even eye damage.

What are the advantages of the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

In contrast to eye bag surgery, i-Genius eye bag treatment requires no incision and thus leaves no scars. The treatment’s non-invasive ultrasonic plus RF energy stimulates collagen growth, shatters melanin, reliefs water retention, dissolves eye bag fat and improves the skin’s elasticity. This treatment can address most eye area concerns with no downtime needed.

Who is unsuitable for the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

i-Genius works on most eye bags, dark circles, and eye area concerns. However, we recommend professional pre-treatment consultations by our team for pregnant ladies and those taking long-term medication.

How should I care for my eyes after undergoing the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

You should rest your eyes often, which means trying not to use your laptops or smartphone too often when off work. You should also massage your eye areas gently to encourage circulation, promote collagen growth and reduce water retention. Massages also help with preventing fat to re-accumulate in your lower eyelids.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer