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Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment

Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment

It's hard being a woman: the obsession with dieting and keeping fit as a young adult, taking care of the family in middle age, not to mention the career! All these stressors affect your vaginal health, regardless if you have been pregnant before. Vaginal health is affected by the body part and its laxity due to the loosened supporting pelvic floor muscle. Unfortunately, Asian society tends to be discreet regarding vaginal health and shun gynecologic visits. Doctor visits can also be nerve-wracking and inconvenient. A new, third option is between unsafe remedies and stressful doctor appointments: the Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment! With each 8-minute-only session, this treatment can help you regain vaginal health and enjoyable sex life!

Do you want the following benefits?

Tightens the vaginal wall muscles 1

Restores lubricated vaginal wall 1

Firms the pelvic floor muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) 1

Painless and non-invasive 2

Rejuvenate vaginal muscles in 8 minutes!

Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment

Sincerely dedicated to mothers suffering from postnatal vaginal laxity and ladies with ageing-related vaginal dryness. This treatment incorporates monopolar radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasonic energy to stimulate collagen and elastin proliferation, thickening the vaginal wall and restoring lubrication secretion.


A single-use treatment probe incorporates the 360° full-coverage emission technology to release monopolar-RF and ultrasonic energy. The thermal energy waves seep into the innermost vaginal skin tissues, stimulating collagen and elastin proliferation3. As a result, you will already be able to feel your vaginal wall thickens significantly after the first treatment session.

Target concerns

Incontinence, vaginal laxity and dryness, and more.

Target users

New mothers and those concerned with vaginal health.


Treatment results can sustain for 1-year or more2


Non-invasive, painless, and safe 2


4 Main Treatment Advantages


Improve vaginal laxity 3


Immediate effects 2


Single-use treatment probe


360° full-coverage emission technology

Common vaginal health concerns


Vaginal Relaxation Syndrom (VRS)

VRS is very common. As you age, the pelvic floor muscle becomes loose, resulting in laxity of the vaginal, anal and urethral muscles, leading to symptoms such as incontinence. VRS are primarily due to ageing and postnatal vaginal laxity: natural birth causes extreme stretching and tearing of the vaginal wall; menopause lowers estrogen secretion.
Adding collagen loss to the mix, the vaginal lubrication eventually decreases, the vaginal wall becomes thin and inelastic, and the vagina becomes loose.


A lot of middle-aged women suffer from incontinence. As the ageing pelvic floor muscle gets loose, it can no longer help hold in pee, increasing the risk of pee leakage. Small gestures such as sneezing, coughing, laughing and lifting heavy objects can cause pee to be squeezed out. This condition can be embarrassing and cause significant disturbances to one's daily and social life. Other causes that increase the risk of incontinence include obesity, urethral infection and medication.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is related to estrogen secretion. Factors such as menopause and breastfeeding can lower your body's estrogen level, which lessens your vaginal lubrication, resulting in uncomfortable dryness.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

As you approach middle age and old age, there is a chance you might feel something "falling" into your vaginal area. That is your uterus, rectum, or bladder sagging from their original positions - sounds scary, right? This condition, called Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), affects 37% of women aged 60 to 79. POP results from the pelvic floor muscle getting loose and can no longer help hold the aforementioned pelvic organs in place, resulting in them sagging down onto the vagina. The best way to prevent POP is to practice private area care while still young.


Why the Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment?


Increase vaginal wetness

Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening machine emits RF energy to stimulate vaginal wall lubrication, restoring painless and enjoyable sex life.


Restore tight vaginal wall

Monopolar RF and ultrasonic energy stimulate the vaginal wall into proliferating collagen, thickening and tightening the vagina.


Non-invasive and painless

This treatment is non-invasive and painless, as there will be neither incisions nor wounds. You will only feel slightly hot during each 8-minute-long treatment session.


Vulva shape adjustment

Both labia majora and labia minora will get saggy and dark as you age. In addition, this treatment can firm the appearance of the labia and tighten the vaginal orifice.

Don't let embarrassment stop you from addressing vaginal health concerns - let us help you regain confidence!

Steps: Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment

Step 1

Physical examination

Perfect Medical's consultant will inquire about your vaginal health concerns to determine your suitability for the treatment. For example, you might be unable to undergo the treatment if you are menstruating or have a vaginal infection.

Step 2

Understanding Your expectation

After confirming your suitability, our professional team will get to know the details of your concerns and their causes. Such information helps customize your treatment plan.

Step 3

Preparing before the procedure

The beautician will walk you through the theory, procedure and benefits of the Ultra Femme 360. Next, you will get to unwrap the single-use treatment probe to ensure its hygiene. Finally, the beautician will do a small patch test of the energy on your skin to take note of your reactions.

进行 Ultra Femme 360 超频收阴机
Step 4

Begining the Ultra Femme 360 procedure

A session last about 8 minutes. Vulva shape adjustment, if necessary, will be performed with another treatment probe and will take about half an hour.

Step 5

Profession Follow-up

Our professional team will take note of your opinions and feelings regarding the treatment. The team will also remind you of proper aftercare tips for prolonging the treatment results.


Post-treatment Aftercare Tips


  • Eat more collagen-rich foods to help with collagen proliferation.
  • Have plenty of rest to aid your body's self-repair mechanism.


  • Don't have sex, swim or exercise too intensely for one-week post-treatment.
  • Avoid oily, fried, or sugary foods, as they can destroy the collagen content in your body and interfere with your body's self-repair mechanism.

Comparing Vaginal Tightening Methods

Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment


Single-use treatment probe incorporates 360° full-coverage emission technology to release monopolar and ultrasonic energy into the innermost skin tissues, effectively stimulating collagen proliferation for thicker vaginal walls.

Wait Time for Results

Treatment effects take place right after the first session.


1 year.


Non-invasive, painless, effective and safe.


The single-use probe will be inserted slightly into your vagina, emitting thermal energy to cover your vaginal walls. You will feel a bit warm during the procedure.

Sessions Needed

Three sessions in one year. Most sessions can be arranged afterwards to prolong the treatment results.

Vaginal tightening surgery


Trimming excess skin among the vaginal walls and stitching the organ back up. The vagina will be significantly tighter, which might bring irreversible consequences such as childbirth difficulty.

Wait Time for Results

Significant results right after the surgical procedure.




Stitches are needed. Infections are highly possible, Long recovery period.


This is an invasive surgical procedure that causes wounds.

Sessions Needed

One time only for most people.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises


Lay on your bed to perform this exercise daily: pull your knees up towards the chest, place your palms on both sides of your body, pull your hips upward via your core strength and hold the posture for 5 seconds. You will feel the hip and core muscles tighten.

Wait Time for Results

Perform this exercise 40 times daily for the long term to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle.


Perform this exercise consistently to see results.


You should be safe so long as you maintain a proper posture.


No discomfort besides mild soreness

Sessions Needed

You will need to perform this exercise for a long time.


Body Profile Analysis And Ultra Femme

Body Profile Analysis And

Ultra Femme

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Who is not suitable for the Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment?

You should not undergo this treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a yeast infection or have other reproductive health-related conditions. Perfect Medical's professional medical team will consult you on your physical condition to determine your suitability.

Will the Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment cause damage to the vagina?

The Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment requires neither anaesthesia nor incision, resulting in no wound to the labia. The treatment incorporates the 360° full-coverage emission technology to emit monopolar RF and ultrasonic energy, covering all vaginal walls to stimulate collagen proliferation. Collagen growth takes place right after the first session, thickening and tightening the vagina gradually and naturally.

Will the Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment be painful?

We use a single-use treatment probe for safety and hygiene. You can choose the size of treatment probe most appropriate for your private area. The monopolar RF and ultrasonic energy cover your vaginal walls without hurting them. As a result, you will not feel irritated and hurt. Also, your therapist will adjust the energy intensity throughout the procedure.

Does it only take one session of the Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Tightening Treatment to show results?

Most users report feeling the vaginal tightening effects right after the first session. Still, you should complete an entire course of treatment for maximum results. A full treatment course consists of three sessions per 7 to 10 days in the first year. After that, the treatment results can sustain themselves for at least a year, and you can take up more sessions afterwards for maintenance.

Does vaginal tightening surgery carry side effects?

Vaginal tightening surgery requires full-body anaesthetic. Your surgeon will cut open the vaginal walls to trim excess tissues and then stitch the walls close. This invasive surgery causes trauma to the vagina and, with improper aftercare, a high risk of bleeding and infection. Moreover, you shall not have sex within 2 months to prevent the wound from tearing and bleeding out. Most importantly, those who want more babies in the future are strongly advised against undergoing vaginal tightening surgery.

Can Kegel exercise help with Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome?

Statistics show that Kegel exercise (pelvic floor muscle exercise) can improve incontinence and sex life. To perform the Kegel exercise, lie down, lift your hips and hold for 5 seconds, then slowly lower your hips onto the surface and rest for 10 seconds. You may perform 10 to 20 repetitions per set, 3 sets per day. You must consistently perform this exercise each day to see results in months. Lastly, you should go to health professionals in case of serious medical conditions.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer