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Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

Vaginal laxity is a common concern for women who enter middle age, regardless if they have given birth. Aging causes loss of collagen in the tissues, resulting in a loosened pelvic floor muscle which fails to hold the urethra, rectum, and vagina firmly in place—this condition is called pelvic organ prolapse (POP). POP weakens urethral muscle control, resulting in frequent urination and incontinence. Besides humiliating daily bodily dysfunctions, vaginal laxity can also damper the quality of sexual life, thereby threatening relationships and mental health. This is why a timely and effective solution to target POP is necessary for restoring a happy and fulfilling social and sexual life.

Want to improve the following concerns?

Vaginal laxity

Frequent urination

Poor sexual life quality

Weakened pelvic floor muscles

Found yourself holding in urine desperately every day? Let us help you end this suffering!

Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

The Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine can relieve frequent urination!


Golden 360-degree™ circular laser emission probe is lightly inserted into the vaginal opening. The probe employs the dotting technique to gently sweep the Er:YAG LASER laser energy across the vaginal wall. Both EU-patented, non-invasive technologies stimulate collagen proliferation for reshaping and thickening the vaginal muscles^1,2,3. A thickened vaginal wall means a tightened vagina with less chance of odour and bacterial growth. Most importantly, a tight and firm vagina lessens the severity of POP, leading to better urethral muscle control and thereby reducing frequent urination.

Target Concerns

Vaginal laxity, frequent urination, vaginal dryness and more

Suitable Users

Postpartum mothers and those who are concerned about vaginal health.


Treatment results can last one year or more2


FDA-Cleared, safe treatment2


Four Major Treatment Benefits

Improves vaginal laxity

Improves vaginal laxity

Immediate effects*

Immediate effects2


FDA-cleared 3

Short downtime

Short downtime

Common vaginal concerns


Vaginal laxity

The two main reasons for vaginal laxity are postpartum vaginal dilation and aging. Natural birthing stretches and tears the vagina, leading to postnatal vaginal laxity. Besides birthing, menopause also reduces the estrogen level in the female body, which combined with collagen loss can make the vaginal mucosa shrunk, thin and loose, thereby resulting in vaginal laxity.

Vaginal dryness

The vaginal wall is coated with a thin, transparent layer of lubricant. The lubricant serves to moisturize and slick the vagina. When this layer of lubricant slowly diminishes, the vaginal wall becomes dry. The friction between dry tissues can burn, causing itching and pain. Menopause and stresses lower the estrogen level which in turn reduces lubricant secretion. In addition, over-cleaning the vaginal area can also dry the vaginal wall. Specifically, the use of feminine hygiene solutions can remove both "good" and "bad" bacteria, making for dry and uncomfortable vaginal walls.

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP

The pelvic floor muscle is composed of three muscle parts that extend from the pubic bone to the tailbone. The pelvic floor muscle holds organs such as the rectum and bladder in place, as well as controls the urethral, vaginal, and anal muscles. The pelvic floor muscle may sag postpartum or due to aging. In severe cases, organs within the pelvic cavity (i.e. bladder, urethra, uterus, colon, small intestine) sag alongside the pelvic floor muscle. If left untreated, these organs may protrude from the vaginal opening, leading to pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

Frequent urination and incontinence

Pelvic floor muscle laxity lowers the muscle control of the bladder and urethra. When there is a sudden increase in abdominal pressure, such as when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting heavy objects, urine may flow out involuntarily—this is called incontinence. Incontinence can occur in middle-aged, obese women. The urethral control can also be impacted by medication or urinary tract infections.


Why choose Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine?

Restores Sex Life

Restores Sex Life

Restores lubricated and moist vaginal walls for improved sex life.

Vaginal Tightening Effect

Vaginal Tightening Effect

Regains invigorated, elastic, and strong vaginal muscle. Increases muscle control of the bladder and urethra, thereby addressing the concerns of frequent urination and incontinence.

International Certification

International Certification

This treatment is FDA-cleared and CE-certified, which guarantees this treatment's safety and trustworthiness.

Reshaping the Vulva

Reshaping the Vulva

Smoothens, reshapes and brightens the vulva, restoring plump, pink and sensitive vulva.

Don't let vaginal laxity bring you down! Here's the treatment you need!

Steps: Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

Step 1: Body Condition Analysis
Step 1

Body Condition Analysis

A professional consultant will first consult with you on your physical condition—this is to see if you are suitable for the treatment. You will not be allowed to take the treatment session on that day if you are currently menstruating or experiencing vaginal inflammation.

Understanding the Client
Step 2

Understanding the Client's Expectations

The consultant will confirm your suitability for Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine. The consultant will also get to know your vaginal concerns—these pieces of information help to adjust the treatment energy frequency and customize a treatment plan.

Preparation Pre-Treatment
Step 3

Preparation Pre-Treatment

The therapist will explain the principles of Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine. You will get to know how the treatment can help with your vaginal concerns. The therapist will also let you try the treatment probe—this is to see if you exhibit adverse reactions.

Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine
Step 4

Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

The therapist will continue with the treatment after performing a patch test. The treatment session takes about 10 minutes. If vulva reshaping is necessary, the therapist will use a new treatment probe to emit laser energy at your vulva area for about 30 minutes.

Post-Treatment Follow Up
Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow Up

After completing the treatment session, the team will follow up on your feedback and provide post-treatment maintenance tips. The team will also help with booking the next session if necessary.


Post-Treatment Aftercare Tips:


  • Increase protein intake to aid collagen growth.
  • Rest plenty to strengthen the body's self-repair mechanism.


  • Avoid sexual intercourse, swimming, and intense exercises for at least one week.
  • Avoid fried, refined, or sugary foods, all of which can damage collagen content in the body.

Comparing Vaginal Tightening Methods

Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine


A sterile treatment probe is slightly inserted into the vaginal opening. The 360-degree emission technology of the probe emits laser energy at the vaginal wall using the dotting technique. The photothermal energy stimulates collagen proliferation in the tissues.

Effective Time

Effects take place right after the first treatment session.


Treatment effects can last for about one year.


Internationally certified, deeming this treatment safe and effective.

Comfort Level

The warm treatment probe is inserted slightly into the vaginal opening, thus making you feel slightly warm.

Number of Treatments

A basic treatment plan consists of 3 sessions in a year. You may add more sessions as needed afterwards.

Kegel balls (Ben Wa balls)


A popular vaginal tightening tool abroad: made of materials such as plastic, silicone and crystal; used to exercise the vaginal muscles.

Effective Time

It takes a long time for the treatment results to show up


Used regularly to see results.


Bacterial infection of the vagina is possible if the kegel ball is not cleaned thoroughly.

Comfort level

Beginners might find it difficult to use kegel balls, as it involves inserting a foreign object to exercise the vaginal muscles.

Sessions Needed:

Use regularly to see results.

Pelvic Floor Exercises


First, lie on your back with your feet planted on the ground, your knees bent and pointed to the ceiling, and your hands by your side. Then, use your abdominal muscles to lift your buttocks, creating a vertical line from your knees to your shoulders. Keep in mind that your shoulders should be kept touching the ground. Hold this position for at least 5 seconds. Return to the resting position and repeat. You will feel your buttocks and abdominal muscles tightening during the process.

Effective Time

Perform this exercise 30 to 50 times daily to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It takes a long time to see results.


Perform this exercise regularly to see results


This exercise is safe as long as the posture is correct.

Comfort level

Your abdominal muscles can get sore, but there is no serious discomfort.

Sessions Needed

Do this exercise regularly to see results.


Body Profile Analysis And Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

Body Profile Analysis And

Fotona Vaginal Tightening Machine

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Who is not suitable for Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment?

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and those with vaginal inflammation or vaginal conditions are not suited for the Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment. The professional team at Perfect Medical will first ensure your suitability by inquiring about your physical condition before proceeding with the treatment.

Does the Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment cause wounds?

The Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment is FDA-cleared and CE-certified and is extremely safe. No anaesthesia is necessary throughout this treatment, and no wound, incision, or injection with be made. This treatment requires no downtime. What's more, the Er:YAG LASER laser used in the treatment is developed by a globally renowned laser company. This laser technology can tighten vaginal tissues while being safe and non-irritating to the vaginal skin, when compared to traditional laser technology

Is the Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment painful?

The treatment probe is slightly inserted into the vaginal opening. The insertion is very gentle and causes close to no discomfort. The laser emission onto the vaginal wall should feel slightly warm but not uncomfortable or overstimulating, and there will be no pain as well. The therapist will monitor the energy intensity according to your reaction and feedback. Most users of the Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment reported significant tightening effects, a treatment experience that is both comfortable and convenient.

How many sessions of the Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment are needed?

A complete treatment plan usually consists of 3 sessions in one year, with a 7-10 day interval between each session, and each session lasts about 40 minutes maximum. Expect one year-long treatment result after the first 3 sessions, after which you may take up more sessions to maintain the treatment results.

Isn't it better to have surgery to improve incontinence?

During surgery, the surgeon will place a tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) under the urethra—this strengthens the weakened pubo-urethral ligament for solving urinary leakage and incontinence, giving effective and long-lasting results. However, invasive surgery with anaesthesia carries risks, such as bladder perforation, major artery damage, and postoperative difficulty in urination. To lower the risks, you will need to find an experienced surgeon. The recovery period can also be quite long; heavy lifting is not allowed for one-month post-surgery, and physical work is not allowed for 3 months.

Why choose Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment?

The Fotona Vaginal Rejuvenating and Tightening Treatment is internationally certified, thereby ensuring its quality and safety. This convenient treatment requires a short downtime, meaning you can resume your daily schedule immediately afterwards. The tightening effect takes place right after the first session. This non-invasive treatment brings no post-surgical side effects. Expect up to one year-long treatment results after completing 3 sessions. You may extend the treatment results by performing pelvic floor muscle exercises regularly.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer