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Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Each wrinkle on your face adds 3 years to your appearance! Smile line, also known as nasolabial folds, is dubbed the worst wrinkles one can get! This is because smile lines stand out like a sore thumb even when you are not making any expressions. Since aging is inevitable, high chance is you have or will have smile lines! Don't you worry—Perfect Medical introduce to you the Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment! This treatment employs the latest collagen intense-filling technology to target smile lines on both ends! The segmented, dual-wavelength energy (1064nm and 2940nm) stimulates collagen regeneration painlessly and non-invasively, successfully lifting the skin tissues from within, filling smile lines and maintaining the skin's youthfulness and radiance1,3!

Are you looking to resolve these skin concerns all at once?

Noticeable smile lines

Saggy skin at the sides of nose

Sunken skin

Droopy cheeks

Eliminate smile lines & look forever young—it's this easy!

Fotona 4D Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Patented technology stimulates collagen growth inside out, filling and supporting the skin, smoothening smile lines, and tightening the overall facial contour!


This treatment utilizes dual-wavelength laser energy (1064nm and 2940nm), which is emitted using the innovative 4D-segmented therapeutic technology. The laser energy penetrates 10mm into the innermost skin layer, heating and lifting the skin tissues safely, effortlessly plumping the smile line areas. Meanwhile, the four patented technologies, "Smooth", "Frac3", "Piano", and "SupErificial", stimulate collagen proliferation by infusing gentle laser energy into the based tissue networks. The collagen content improves the support and elasticity of the skin, thereby giving an instant lifting effect.

Targeted problems

This treatment can address wrinkles and laxity on the whole face such as the smile lines, eye area fine lines and saggy skin.

Suitable users

Suitable for those with mature skin and collagen loss.


This treatment tightens the skin to improve smile lines and skin laxity effectively. The continuous production of collagen gives long-lasting treatment results.


This is a non-invasive procedure that is painless and brings no skin damage.


Fotona 4D Smile Lines Four Major Treatment Advantages


Lifting effects on both ends


Instant skin-tightening effect2

美國 FDA Cleared



100% painless and non-invasive2

Common causes of smile lines


Natural skin aging

The skin loses its collagen content as you age, which causes the cheek and facial contour to get saggy eventually. The decrease in collagen content makes the skin areas on the sides of the nose and mouth droopy, giving two deep-looking creases—those are smile lines. Moreover, polluted air can increase the free radicals in the skin, which speeds up the skin's aging process, resulting in a hollow, wrinkly face.

Poor daily habits

Skipping hydrating skincare products is a bad idea! Dry skin is inelastic and droopy. On the other hand, rubbing the face too harshly can also worsen wrinkles. Moreover, you should not skip sun protection, as UV rays can damage the skin barrier and speed up skin aging.

An expressive face

There are numerous facial muscles, and every microexpression, such as smiling and winking, causes these muscles to contract. Frequently having a particular expression, such as laughing, can cause permanent indentations and eventual wrinkles.

Poor sleeping position

Sleeping on your sides or holding your cheeks in your palms puts pressure on your cheeks; sleeping on the stomach means pressing on your forehead, resulting in forehead wrinkles. In fact, it is best to sleep on your back to prevent smile lines and other wrinkles from forming.


Why Choose the Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment?


Medical-grade dual-wavelength laser technology

Dual-wavelength skin refining technology combines four medical-aesthetic techniques, "Smooth", "Frac3", "Piano", and "SupErificial", in one. Heating the smile line lesions on both ends can effectively plump the skin tissues from the inside out. The supported skin smoothens wrinkles and fine lines for a youthful appearance.


Erases smile lines, brightens and refines skin tone

This treatment targets and improves smile lines: the patented technique "Frac3" penetrates the innermost skin layer to lessen melanin and redness, effectively brightening and refining the skin tone and quality.


Skin-tightening and collagen proliferation

1064nm and 2940nm-wavelength gentle laser energy combined to stimulate contractions of the collagen fibrous tissues, thereby instantly lifting and tightening the tissues for an elastic and youthful skin appearance.


Non-invasive Treatment

This non-invasive laser treatment brings no pain or skin damage, thus no downtime is needed—you can continue your daily schedule right afterwards, making this a safe and efficient treatment.

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Fotona 4D Steps: Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Step 1

Professional skin analysis

The professional beauty consultant will get to know your skincare habits and the causes of wrinkles. Then, the consultant will operate a professional skin analyzer to examine the amount and distribution of your wrinkles, as well as the degree of your skin aging. These pieces of information help to customize your wrinkle-removal treatment plan.

Step 2

Free consultation

The professional consultant will explain in detail the principle and procedure of the Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment. The consultant will also customize your treatment plan based on your skin condition and concerns.

Step 3

Preparation before treatment

The beauty therapist will test the laser energy on your skin to ensure no adverse reaction. Then, the therapist will cleanse your skin and cover your eyes with a light-blocking eye mask.

進行 Fotona 4D 虎紋槍療程
Step 4

The Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment session

The beauty therapist will target the tip of the treatment probe at your smile lines. The dual-heating technology heats the smile line lesions both from the inside and the outside, thereby lifting and smoothening the wrinkles instantly.

Step 5

Post-treatment follow up

The professional consultant will take note of your skin condition and post-procedure results. The consultant will also instruct you on proper aftercare tips and help you book the next appointment.


Fotona 4D Smile Lines
Things to Notice Post-Treatment


  • Hydrate your skin frequently using moisturizing skincare products and face masks. Proper hydration helps to stabilize the skin condition and enhance the treatment results.
  • Up your sun protection game by applying SPF30+ sunscreen when outdoors, as well as avoiding direct sun exposure.


  • Stop using skin-irritating skincare products (i.e. AHA/BHA, brightening, exfoliating products)
  • Avoid high-energy medical beauty treatments for the face for two weeks post-treatment.

Comparing Medical Beauty Treatments for Smile Lines

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment


Dual-wavelength patented technology targets smile lines by emitting laser energy at the inner oval cavity and the skin surface. The laser energy penetrates the innermost skin layer to encourage collagen proliferation and induce tissue contractions on both ends. This treatment effectively brightens, tightens and refines skin.

Effective Time

One treatment to instantly tighten skin tissues and smoothen smile lines. Follow the treatment plan continuously for optimal results.


Collagen proliferation at the innermost skin layer gives long-lasting skin tightening effects with no rebound.


Non-invasive and safe treatment which brings no skin damage.

Comfort Level

This treatment brings neither pain nor wound but a slight warming sensation.

Sessions Needed

This depends on the individual's body condition. Most users need about 3 treatment sessions; those with more severe wrinkles are recommended 6 sessions.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injection


Injects hyaluronic acid into the sunken skin areas to fill and hydrate the skin, giving a plumped and tightened appearance. Injections at the hollow lesions on the sides of the nose help to lessen smile lines.

Effective Time

Results become noticeable around 1 to 2 weeks after the injections; see maximum results 2 to 3 months after the injections.


Depends on the individual's physical condition. In general, an injection at one skin lesion gives 6 to 12 months-long results, after which another injection will be needed.


Injecting too much filler or at the wrong skin location can result in asymmetrical facial shape and loose facial muscles.

Comfort Level

The injection process can be painful; the pain intensity depends on the skills of the procedure provider.

Sessions Needed

Maintain optimal results by receiving injections regularly.

Radiofrequency Facelift


Monopolar radiofrequency technology targets and heats the skin tissues at the smile line areas. Collagen proliferation takes place when the innermost skin tissues are heated to a specific temperature. The collagen content instantly lifts and tightens the skin, effectively smoothening smile lines.

Effective Time

See noticeable results about one-month post-treatment; witness maximum tightening and lifting results 3 to 6 months post-treatment.


Gives one to one-and-a-half year-long results, after which another treatment session per year is necessary.


Too high energy intensity can lead to skin burn, redness and peeling.

Comfort Level

Radiofrequency energy can penetrate the dermis, which can be really painful.

Sessions Needed

One treatment session per year is required to maintain a tight and youthful facial condition.

Hong Kong Fotona 4D Smile Lines
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Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

What are the causes of smile lines?

Aside from genetic factors, aging can also cause smile lines: facial collagen content decreases as you age, meaning the skin will eventually lose its supporting elasticity and firmness, resulting in saggy, sunken smile lines. Another common cause of smile lines is having an expressive face: smiling, laughing or having other expressions frequently means constant contractions of facial muscles, which deepens the smile lines.

Can facial massages help to eliminate smile lines?

You can improve blood flow at the smile line lesions by incorporating gentle massages with anti-aging skincare creams or serums. However, skincare products can only go skin-deep—expect smile lines to return once the massages stop.

What is the principle of the Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment?

The Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment employs the world's only patented dual-wavelength technology: the 1064nm and 2940nm wavelength laser energy combined can penetrate 10mm into the innermost skin layer to stimulate collagen proliferation. The gentle and non-invasive laser energy helps to strengthen deep-level skin tissues, effectively improving various skin concerns.

What are the differences between Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment and other high-energy facial-tightening treatments?

While other facial-tightening treatments only target the skin tissues from the facial surface, Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment employs the highly sought-after collagen intense-filling technology. This technology effectively delivers energy deep into the innermost skin layer, stimulating collagen proliferation and repair at the dermis, thereby refining and smoothening the skin. Moreover, this non-invasive treatment employs dual-heating technology to lift and tighten the smile line areas from both ends.

Is the Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment painful?

The Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment is a safe, non-invasive, and comfortable laser treatment with no downtime. You may continue your daily schedule right after a treatment session.

Where can I enjoy discounted first trial of Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment in Hong Kong

Perfect Medical is now promoting a special offer of Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment.Simply register online to experience an entire treatment session for free. As complementary service, the professional experts will provide you with a customized treatment and answer all your relevant questions. Feel free to contact us for more information. Learn about Hong Kong branch addresses and opening hours

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer