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Back Acne & Scar Treatment

What's more sensual than showing off your back in a backless top, enjoying the summer breezes? However, a back covered with pimples and acne scars can lower your charisma score. Unlike the face and limbs, the back is especially hard to take care of, thus making back acne and scars a common concern! Luckily, Perfect Medical's Back Acne & Scars Treatment can help you deal with your back skin concerns easily!

Suffering from Back Skin Concerns?

Acne scars


Pigmented spots


The Perfect, Smooth Back Awaits!

Back Acne & Scars Treatment

This treatment integrates the most powerful back acne and scar removal technologies, such as U.S. Silkpeel, CPS Skin Rejuvenating Technology and C6 Laser. These technologies effectively remove dead skin cells, cleanse pores, and shatter pigmentation for a perfectly silky and bright back!


The patent U.S. Silkpeel Diamond Dermabrasion Technology gently removes 30-35µm thick of dead skin cells, thereby smoothening the back. Vacuum suction technology unclogs pores by sucking out dirt, blackheads and sebum3 painlessly, effectively shrinking the pores and preventing milia. Then, medical-grade serum seeps into the pores for potent nutrient absorption. The CPS Skin Rejuvenating technology's dead skin cell-dissolving solution softens the keratin for the Green Peel device and liquid polishing technology to polish the skin with ease, effortlessly eliminating dead skin cells, dirt and blackheads while moisturizing the skin with a nutrient solution. Finally, the C6 Laser Pigmentation Removal technology emits high-intensity pulsed laser energy to penetrate all skin layers, shattering pigment particles for natural metabolic removal.

Target Concerns

Acne, scars, pockmarks and milia on the back caused by sebum accumulation

Target Users

Individuals suffering from back-area skin concerns.


Maintain long-lasting results by moisturizing and cleansing the back properly.


Safe, reliable, painless, and non-invasive2


Four Major Treatment Advantages


Painless and Non-Invasive2


Diamond-Grade Dermabrasion Technology3


Reaches the Dermis


Safe and Reliable

Causes of Back Skin Problems


Hard to Clean

Since it is difficult to reach the back, most people only rinse their backs with water briefly during showers. However, the dirt on their backs remains, which results in clogged pores and thickened stratum corneum layers over time, resulting in constant breakouts of milia and acne.

Excessive Sebum Secretion

Some people have a more oily back than others. These people also tend to sweat more in the summer. The humid sweat and oil combined cause their clothes to stick to their backs, which facilitates bacterial growth, resulting in marks such as milia, tinea versicolor and bacterial folliculitis.

Unsuitable Body Wash

Some body washes contain exfoliating ingredients for smoothening the skin. However, overusing these body washes may damage the back skin and result in allergic results. Moreover, the exfoliants can aggravate inflammation, worsening milia and acne.

Excessive Stress

Stress is one of the most prominent causes of skin problems.

Modern lifestyle, with long working hours and poor sleeping schedules, makes for high-stress levels. High-stress levels can cause hormone fluctuation, resulting in milia and acne breakouts on the face and the back.


Why the Back Acne & Scars Treatment?


Enhancing Serum Absorption

The patent U.S. Silkpeel Diamond-Grade Dermabrasion Technology removes 30 to 35㎛-thick dead skin cells and unclogs hair follicles to double the skin's ability to absorb serum and nutrients.


Dissolves Blackheads Painlessly

Vacuum suction technology sucks out dirt and blackheads in the pores. This process is comfortable and completely painless.


Penetrates All Skin Layers

High-intensity pulsed laser technology penetrates all skin layers to shatter melanin, effortlessly removing even the stubbornest hyperpigmentation.


Non-Invasive and Comfortable

This non-invasive treatment needs no downtime. You can jump right back into your daily routine after enjoying the professional services of our experts.

Take the First Step Towards Having a Smooth, Bright Back!

Back Acne & Scars Treatment Procedure

Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

Our skin consultant at Perfect Medical will examine your skin with an analysis device, evaluating the condition of your back skin and the severity of your acne scars and/or hyperpigmentation. These pieces of information help the consultant understand your expectations for the treatment.

Step 2

Detailed Treatment Explanation

Our consultant will explain the principle and expected results of the Back Acne & Scars Treatment. You will get to know how this treatment can remove back acn

Step 3

Dead Skin Cell Removal

Firstly, the U.S. Silkpeel technology removes dead skin cells on the back and sucks out blackheads with a vacuum suction device, thereby unclogging pores and cleansing deep-level skin layers. Next, the CPS Skin Rejuvenating technology softens and polishes the stratum corneum, eliminating blackheads while infusing a moisturizing serum into the skin.

Step 4

Boost Collagen Proliferation

After moisturizing your back, the C6 Pigmentation Removal process will begin. Apart from shattering hyperpigmentation in all skin layers, the laser energy can also stimulate collagen production for repairing sunken skin tissues, reducing acne, shrinking pores, and brightening the skin tone.

Step 5

Attentive Follow-Up

After the treatment, our consultant and therapist will evaluate your skin condition, explain to you how to take care of the treated skin to prolong the treatment results, and make an appointment for your next session.


Things to Note After the Treatment


  • Apply sunscreen products of SPF30 or above
  • To enhance treatment results, moisturize the skin frequently with moisturizing face masks.


  • Avoid skincare products containing irritating ingredients, such as AHA/BHA and exfoliants, on the treated areas within one-week post-treatment.
  • Don't undergo laser, IPL, radiofrequency or other photothermal treatments on the treated areas for 2 weeks post-treatment.

Scared of putting on a bikini even with a beach body?


Comparison between Popular Back Acne Removal Methods

Back Acne & Scars Treatment


Using multiple treatment technologies to deep-cleanse all back skin layers, unclogging pores and delivering hydrating serum into the skin; shatters pigmented spots with laser technology, which also stimulates collagen proliferation for more elastic and plump skin.

Effective Time

See evener skin tone after just one treatment session. Witness significantly lighter acne scars a month into the treatment plan.


Enjoy long-lasting results by maintaining healthy living habits and regular skin moisturizing routine.


This treatment is safe and reliable. Our consultant will get to know your physical condition before drawing up the most suitable treatment plan.

Comfort level

Results in no severe pain or wounds on the skin surface.

Session Amount

The number of sessions required varies depending on individual needs. Those with more severe back acne problems will need more sessions.

Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)


TCM practitioners view back acne problems as symptoms of visceral malfunctions. TCM treatment for back acne includes a special diet to regulate the body mechanism and topical medicines for cleansing the hair follicles. This TCM treatment can help to calm sebum secretion.

Effective Time

Chinese medicines can take a long time to work. Results may appear after 2-3 months.


Keep taking the medicines for a long period to maintain the treatment results.


This TCM treatment is relatively safe, especially if you consult a Chinese medicine practitioner.


Some people may not like Chinese medicines as they are usually bitter.

Required Sessions

Depends on the severity of the back skin problems.

Acne Sprays


Anti-acne sprays usually contain tea tree oil and BHA. They are used for easing and reducing inflammatory reactions, and eliminating acne bacteria. The herb extracts in these sprays help to moisturize the skin.

Effective Time

Depends on the individual's skin condition. Some people may never see results.


You have to use these sprays continuously to see possible results.


Basically safe. Still, you need to check if the spray contains ingredients you are allergic to.

Comfort Level


Required Duration

Depends on the severity of your back acne. It may take an extremely long time for some people to see results.

Real Results






Skin Analysis And Back Acne & Scar

Skin Analysis And

Back Acne & Scar

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Why do I still have acne on my back even after puberty?

There are many causes of back acne. Besides puberty, other common factors include excessive sweating and damp clothing—both make for an ideal environment for bacterial growth. In more severe cases, milia and sweat spots are common. Poor living habits, such as not cleaning the back regularly and using an unsuitable body wash, may also result in back acne. Moreover, internal factors like stress and insufficient rest will also increase sebum secretion on the back, leading to a higher risk of acne breakout.

How does the Back Acne & Scars Treatment make the back smooth and bright again?

The Back Acne & Scars Treatment integrates multiple technologies to tackle your back skin conditions. Firstly, the U.S. Silkpeel Diamond-Grade Dermabrasion Technology removes 30 to 35µm-thick of dead skin cells located. A vacuum suction device then sucks out dirt and blackheads, thereby unclogging pores. Next, the CPS Skin Rejuvenating dissolving solution dissolves the remaining dead skin cells, making it easier for the Green Peel device to polish the skin, efficiently cleaning the dirt accumulated in the innermost skin layers and delivering essence into the skin to maintain moisture. Lastly, the C6 laser energy shatters pigment particles and stimulates collagen proliferation. At the end of the treatment session, we will have cleansed your innermost skin layers, smoothened the skin texture, lightened pigmentations, and restored an even, bright skin tone.

How do I take care of my back after the Back Acne and Scars Treatment?

First and foremost, you should cleanse your back thoroughly during showers. To do so, you can put on a shower glove with a bumpy texture to rub the back gently once or twice a week. Change your clothes and take a shower as soon as possible after exercising or sweating— this helps to avoid sebum accumulation and infection. Moreover, you should eat as lightly and healthily as possible and have a regular daily routine. Most importantly, you ought to sleep early to maintain a normal endocrine level for healthy skin.

Who should not undergo the Back Acne & Scars Treatment?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid medical beauty treatments. Also, those undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy, having wounds on their backs, suffering from systemic diseases (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease), with skin problems (i.e. sclerosis, eczema, rubella and proliferative scars), or taking anticoagulants should avoid the Back Acne & Scars Treatment. You can talk to our consultants to make the best decision.

What foods can prevent acne breakouts?

Foods like papaya, honey and banana are rich in vitamin A, while nuts and spinach are rich in vitamin E. These nutrients help to maintain hormonal balance and regulate the sebaceous glands. However, apart from eating the right foods, you must also abstain from eating certain things to prevent acne breakouts. For example, dairy products are closely related to acne and milia formation. Those who consume dairy products frequently are 4 times more likely to suffer from acne and whiteheads. You should also avoid fried food if you have acne-prone skin.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer