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ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment

ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment

Besides the face and body shape, the skin of your neck can also reveal your age. If the skin on the neck is not properly cared for, it can become loose, saggy, and wrinkled. Perfect Medical's ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment can help you eliminate these stubborn necklines. The patented radiofrequency energy penetrates 6.0mm-deep into the skin to heat the tissues steadily, stimulating collagen production^3. The collagen instantly tightens and plumps the loose skin tissue on the neck, effectively smoothing necklines. With ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment, you can regain a firm and youthful appearance.

How do neck wrinkles affect you?

Aging up your appearance

Neck sagging

Low confidence

Reveal Your Age

Smoothen and prevent neck wrinkles at Once! One simple trick for Instant Age Rewind!

ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment

The patented radiofrequency technology penetrates 6.0mm deep into the neck region skin tissues, instantly inducing contractions at the skin tissues to activate collagen proliferation and smooth neck lines.


40.68MHz patented radiofrequency energy penetrates 6.0mm deep into the skin layer, releasing 40.68 million shots of energy per second, instantly inducing skin tissue contractions which tighten and lift saggy skin. The energy shots also activate collagen proliferation for filling hollow skin, giving you quick and remarkable neck wrinkle-plumping effects.

Target Issues

Saggy, loose, wrinkly neck skin texture 1

Target Users

Those concerned about their neck skin condition, and those who lack a neck skin care routine.


Radiofrequency activates collagen production continuously, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles gradually and effectively, enhancing the skin's appearance.


Safe, reliable and painless, causing no damage to the skin.


ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal
Four Main Treatment Advantages


Patented radiofrequency technology 3


Instant skin tightening 2


Smoothing neck wrinkles from deep within 2


Painless and non-invasive 2

*Treatment results and progress depend on factors such as the individual's skin and physical conditions.

Causes of neck wrinkles


Constantly bending down your neck

Are you always staring down at your phone? Do you know this posture gives you "tech neck" (a type of neck pain) AND neck wrinkles? Most of us bend our heads down to look at our smartphones and laptops all day long, which squeezes the neck area together constantly, resulting in creases that turn into neck lines, thus aging your neck's appearance.

Skin ageing

The neck wrinkles inevitably as you age. However, not many people like the fact that neck lines age up how they look. The deeper the neck wrinkles, the older they make you look. Unlike your facial skin, the neck skin lacks sebaceous glands, thus no sebum is secreted for moisturizing the skin to prevent symptoms by the aging process. In addition, aging skin loses collagen, which weakens the skin. With insufficient neck skin care, your neck skin ages faster, bringing more severe neck wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Fat accumulation

Besides ageing, a chunky neck with a high-fat percentage can lead to skin creases which look like horizontal lines. These horizontal neck lines is most common among those with obesity. For those with double chins: the double chins and the neck are very close, thus they can squeeze at each other and create skin creases, turning to wrinkles eventually. The new wrinkles will turn deeper and deeper as time passes, giving permanent neck wrinkles even with weight loss.

Sleeping postures

Sleeping is vital to our daily routine, but do you ever pay attention to your sleeping position? Pay attention if you are either a stomach or side sleeper: These two sleeping positions increase the chance of new neck wrinkles. This is due to gravity pulling your body weight, meaning your neck skin pools on either one side or the front as you sleep. Neck wrinkles can occur even if you are a back-sleeper: an unsuitable pillow can elevate your head to a higher position than your neck, making your chin tilt inward and the neck skin squeeze together, resulting in neck wrinkles.


Why choose the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment?


Advanced and effective technology

The 40.68MHz radiofrequency wavelength frequency, which is 5 times faster than the previous 6.78MHz, allows the energy to penetrate the skin tissues faster, smoothing out neck wrinkles more effectively.


Penetrates 6.0mm deep into the skin

The radiofrequency can reach 6.0mm deep into the skin tissues, releasing heat energy at 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and 6.0mm into the skin tissues. Your skin begins to activate collagen production from deep within, restoring skin elasticity.


Steady heat energy emission

The previous generations of monopolar radiofrequency thermal energy gradually weaken as they travel deeper into the skin. The radiofrequency wavelength of this treatment can maintain the heat energy as it gets from the surface to the bottom of the skin tissues, allowing for effective and thorough tightening and lifting of all skin layers.


Safe and painless process

The radiofrequency energy penetrates deeply while giving off no pain, making for a more comfortable and effective treatment than the previous generations.

Tightens Skin From Within, Treat Neck Wrinkles Instantly!

Steps: ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment

Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

The beauty consultant will use a professional skin analysis to evaluate your neck skin. Details include your neck wrinkle types, degree of skin laxity, and more. The consultant will also get to know your daily habits in order to determine the cause of deep wrinkles.

Step 2

Detailed Treatment Consultation

The beauty consultant will give appropriate recommendations based on your neck wrinkle type. The consultant will also explain the treatment's principles, techniques and expected results.

Step 3

Pre-Treatment Preparation

The beauty therapist will adjust the instrument probe for the most suitable energy intensity. Then, they will cleanse your neck attentively. They will also double-check for accurate and safe energy emissions.

Step 4

Performing the Neck Wrinkle Treatment

The therapist will select the most suitable instrument probe for you. The probe releases radiofrequency energy onto the neck skin, penetrating 6.0mm into the skin to tighten the tissues and stimulate collagen proliferation. The therapist will pay attention to ensure the energy covers all inches of your neck - this is critical for effectively smoothening your neck wrinkles.

Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

After completing the treatment session, our professional consultant will note your feelings and feedback regarding the treatment. They will also instruct you on proper aftercare tips. You may ask any questions to the consultant. At last, the consultant will help you book your next session.


Things to Notice After the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment


  • Prolong the treatment effects by drinking lots of water and applying hydrating masks on the neck.
  • Sun damaged skin can't produce enough collagen. Therefore, you should improve sun protection by wearing sunscreen with SPF30+ or above, and prevent sun damage by avoiding direct sun exposure.


  • Avoid irritating skincare products with harsh ingredients, such as alcohol, AHA/BHA, vitamin C, and scrubbing materials, for 1-week post-treatment.
  • Do not undergo high-intensity beauty treatments, such as laser, IPL and radiofrequency, for the neck for 4 weeks post-treatment

Stop your neck wrinkles from revealing your real age!


Comparing Neck Wrinkles Removal Methods

ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment


Radiofrequency energy penetrates 6.0mm deep into the skin. 40.68 million shots of energy are emitted at the neck tissues per second, inducing instant tissue contractions. The energy also helps stimulate collagen production for tightening loose skin from deep within the neck muscle, thus smoothening neck wrinkles.

Effective time

Tightens neck skin and smoothens neck wrinkles immediately.


Activate collagen proliferation from the innermost skin layers for a continuous tightening effect.

Degree of safety

Safe, reliable and release steady heat energy in painless treatment


Comfortable with no skin damage

Sessions Needed

Witness improvement right after the first treatment. Keep up with the treatment plan for significant treatment results.

Massage with essential oil


Massage the neck with essential oils and anti-aging products (i.e. vitamin C) to allow moisturizing ingredients to seep into the neck muscles and skin, hydrating the skin and encouraging blood flow, thus preventing neck wrinkles.

Effective time

Keep up this habit to see improvement after a while. This can also help avoid neck wrinkles.


Massage constantly to maintain tight skin.

Degree of safety

Some essential oil can cause skin irritation.


The aroma of some essential oil can help soothe your nerves for a relaxing experience.

Sessions Needed

Massage constantly to remove neck wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid fillers


By injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the skin to hydrate and fill the wrinkles and fine lines. The fillers can tighten and lift the skin tissues, plumping and smoothening the neck wrinkles.

Effective time

Instant tightening effect right after the filler injection. Still, the effect's intensity depends on the amount of fillers injected.


The results generally last for half to 1 year.

Degree of safety

Injections create small wounds which are suspective to swelling and infections.


The injection process can be painful.

Sessions Needed

Inject fillers regularly to maintain the tightening results.

ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Real Treatment Results






Skin Analysis And ACP

Skin Analysis And


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What is the principle of the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment?

The patented radiofrequency technology delivers highly concentrated energy to the innermost skin layers of the neck at a speed of 40.68MHz. In addition, the deep-penetrating technology helps distribute radiofrequency energy to skin layers at 2.0mm, 4.0mm, and 6.0mm steadily and evenly. The energy causes the skin's fibrous networks to contract immediately, tightening each skin layer of the neck. Moreover, radiofrequency thermal energy stimulates collagen production to fill in the skin's sunken areas, improve the skin's elasticity, and smooth out the deep lines and neck wrinkles immediately, making for a younger appearance.

What are the expected results of the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment?

Not only can the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment address neck wrinkles, but it can also tighten the neck skin. This treatment's patented radiofrequency technology can deep 6.0mm deep into the skin - a feat never accomplished by other radiofrequency energy. The patented energy lifts neck skin from deep within by tightening each layer. Moreover, radiofrequency heat energy greatly stimulates collagen growth to repair damaged skin tissues. The collagen fills in sunken neck lines and enhances the skin's elasticity, improving the problem of sagging neck skin.

How is the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment better than the previous generations of monopolar-radiofrequency neck-lifting technology?

Conventional monopolar radiofrequency technology can only penetrate 4.3mm deep into the skin, and the heat energy dissipates as it travels deeper into the skin layers. As a result, the deeper skin layers receive less thermal energy than the more superficial layers, thus the superficial, short-term skin-tightening effects. In contrast, the patented radiofrequency energy of the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment can reach 6.0mm deep into the skin, making it much more powerful than the other radiofrequency energy. Moreover, the heat energy emission is stable, and the heat temperature maintains as it travels to the deeper skin layer, giving an even amount of heat energy to each layer. As a result, the energy tightens tissues and stimulates collagen growth in all skin layers. In addition, the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment emits 40.68 million shots of energy to your skin per second - 5 times faster than the previous generation of technology. As a result, the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment can achieve impressive neck wrinkle smoothing and skin tightening results.

Is the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment safer than other neck wrinkle removal methods?

To reduce neck wrinkles, some women may opt for topical treatments, such as self-massage with skincare products (i.e. vitamin C) or essential oils, which are highly inefficient. Those who wish for more immediate effects may choose dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, botox injections, or other injectables to fill in the existing wrinkles. However, injectables carry risks. Firstly, since the injections are done by hand, the results depend highly on the injecting technique. Secondly, not all beauty salons guarantee the authenticity of their injection materials. Using injections from unknown sources may lead to severe consequences. In addition, injections can be painful. Also, possible side effects, such as swelling and bleeding, will take up a lengthy recovery period. In contrast, The ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment employ safe and painless patented radiofrequency energy without damaging the skin tissues or leaving wounds. No recovery period is necessary post-treatment, thus no interference to your daily life. Therefore, the ACP Neck Wrinkle Removal Treatment is much safer than injectables.

How can I prevent neck wrinkles?

You should build daily habits to prevent neck lines! The first step to prevent fine lines and wrinkles is to prevent premature aging, mainly caused by UV rays. Therefore, it is important to wear sunscreen to protect the neck skin. Secondly, you should apply your facial skincare products, such as essence and moisturizer, to the delicate neck skin as well. Just like face wrinkles, skincare products helps to provide moisture and nutrients to the neck skin, thus prevent skin aging. Furthermore, you should pay attention to your daily posture. For example, you shouldn't look down at your phone for too long, as this gives you neck lines AND "tech neck"; you should also choose a pillow with a suitable height, as well as avoid hunching. Fixing your posture helps prevent the neck skin from being compressed, thus reducing pressure-induced neck wrinkles.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer