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Acne Scarring Treatment

Do you have red acne scars, brown blemishes and pockmarks? Are you breaking your wallet using several serums and creams just to target all these spots? Acne scar removal need not be this troublesome—Perfect Medical's the Acne Scarring Treatment solves all your acne scar concerns at once! No matter the type of acne scars, our 1064nm wavelength laser energy can shatter the melanin and pigmentation, stimulate collagen growth and calm sebum secretion1—erase all acne scars with ease and enjoy a clear, spotless face!

Do you suffer from these acne-prone skin problems?

Red acne scars

Brown acne scars


An oily face

Throw away your concealers! Get rid of acne scars and stop acne from regrowing!

Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne Scarring Treatment's 1064nm wavelength laser energy penetrates deep into the dermis, shattering melanin and pigmentation, effectively eliminating both red, brown, deep and superficial acne marks. The laser energy also stimulates collagen proliferation for shrinking pores and filling pockmarks3.


1064nm wavelength laser energy instantly penetrates the innermost skin layer, photothermally breaking down the melanin into small particles for metabolic removal, effectively eliminating both red and brown acne scars. The laser energy also stimulates collagen proliferation, which helps to lift the skin, tighten pores, fill pockmarks, and reduce excessive sebum secretion, thereby calming oily skin concerns.

Target Concerns

Red and brown acne scars, pockmarks and excessive oil secretion1

Suitable Users

Those with red or brown acne scars, pockmarks and long-standing acne-prone skin.


Removes even the deepest of acne scars, fills pockmarks, and revives clear, bright and bouncy skin2


This non-invasive treatment uses no fractional or CO2 laser technology, bringing neither wound nor pain and requires no downtime2,3


4 Major Treatment Advantages


Non-invasive laser technology

K.O. 暗疮印、凹凸洞

Eliminates acne scars and pockmarks


Stimulates collagen proliferation


Non-invasive and painless2

Common acne scar removal methods


Exfoliating scrubs

Exfoliating scrubs is a straightforward and convenient method for removing acne scars. However, dermatologists advise it against acne-prone, sensitive, or dry skin. This is because acne-prone skin is usually covered with scabs which can be scrubbed off, thereby delaying the healing process or leaving deeper marks. Over-exfoliating and scrubbing can also irritate the skin.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling has grown in popularity and variety.

It is important to choose the right type and concentration of the AHA/BHA for chemical peeling. You should not do at-home chemical peeling with a highly concentrated AHA/BHA solution, as accidents such as irritation, permanent scarring and disfigurement are likely. What's more, you should be extra careful if you have wounded, acne-prone or sensitive skin, as the AHA/BHA solution can over-exfoliate, burn or inflame the skin, causing more severe breakouts.

At-home derma-rolling

Dermaroller is a popular and convenient at-home beauty device. The micro needles on the roller create numerous micro-injuries on the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production and improving skin texture. However, at-home derma-rolling is rarely a perfectly-sterilised procedure; mishandling the dermaroller can cut the skin deeply and cause irritation, inflammation, and infection.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a safe and effective way to remove acne scars. The 1064nm wavelength laser energy penetrates deep into the dermis to break down melanin, stimulate collagen production, and shrink sebum glands, effortlessly tightening pores, filling pockmarks, and reducing excessive sebum secretion. Laser treatment directly targets deep-level acne scars and prevents future breakouts


Why Choose the Acne Scarring Treatment?


Lightens acne scars

1064nm wavelength laser energy directly targets and shatters melanin, significantly reducing the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation.


Fills pockmarks

Photothermal energy stimulates collagen proliferation, which helps to eliminate old and damaged collagen and grow new and youthful collagen. This helps to plump the skin tissues, thereby filling pockmarks.


No Downtime

This laser treatment does not create any surface wounds, meaning no recovery period or post-treatment skincare is necessary.


Comfortable experience

This is a comfortable and painless procedure that feels slightly warm.

Chemical peeling takes too long! Try this efficient and safe acne scar removal treatment!

Procedure of the Acne Scarring Treatment

Step 1

Professional skin analysis

A professional skin consultant will use precision instruments to analyze your skin, obtaining detailed data such as the size and distribution of pores, the depth and size of melanin, the sebum-moisture ratio and the skin inflammation index.

Step 2

Understanding the customer's needs

The consultant will examine your skin concerns and provide suggestions for improvement. After the consultant learn of your treatment expectations, you two will jointly customize the frequency of the treatment sessions; the consultant will also advise on improving your skin quality.

Step 3

Pre-treatment preparation

The beauty therapist will cleanse your skin, help you put on eye goggles, and do a small patch test of the laser energy on your skin. The therapist will start the procedure only after ensuring no adverse skin reactions.

Step 4

Conducting the Acne Treatment

The beauty therapist will emit 1064nm laser energy at your skin, targeting the areas with acne scars, pigmented spots and pockmarks. The therapist will also lower the energy intensity for full-face irradiation while carefully observing your response and skin condition.

Step 5

Professional follow-up

The professional consulting team will take note of your feeling regarding the treatment and your skin's response to the laser energy. The team will also help you with scheduling the next appointment.


Aftercare instructions


  • Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen daily to protect the skin from sun damage.
  • Drink plenty of water to promote metabolism.


  • Avoid AHA/BHA, brightening, retinol, or other harsh skincare ingredients for a week.
  • Do not undergo any exfoliating or peeling treatments for two weeks.

Does your acne get worse after chemical peeling? Say NO to this vicious cycle!


Comparing Popular Acne Scar Removal Methods

Acne Scarring Treatment


Laser energy penetrates deep into the skin to target and eliminate melanin, stimulate collagen production, and effectively and safely remove acne scars, fill pockmarks, and shrink pores.

Effective time

After the first treatment, the skin's metabolism speeds up to lighten both red and brown acne scars.


Complete the treatment plan to eliminate old acne scars and pockmarks; continuous collagen proliferation helps to prevent acne recurrence.


This treatment is safe and does not cause skin damage.

Comfort level

The process is almost painless and gives a slightly warm sensation.

Sessions Needed

Complete the treatment plan in its entirety to eliminate acne scars and pockmarks.

20% Mandelic Acid


Mandelic acid is lipophilic, which means it can easily adhere to the stratum corneum and be slowly absorbed into the skin. Mandelic acid is a relatively gentle exfoliant compared to other AHA/BHA solutions.

Effective time

Depends on the concentration of the mandelic acid solution. Still, no matter the concentration, mandelic acid cannot prevent melanin production, only speeds up skin metabolism.


Mandelic acid should be used as part of your skincare routine. Its effectiveness will be lost once the usage has stopped.


Too high concentration or too frequent usage will cause dryness, allergic reactions, stinging, and itchiness.

Comfort level

The skin might burn, get irritated, sting, or itch when applying mandelic acid.

Sessions Needed

1-2 times weekly.

Retinol Skincare Products


The derivatives of vitamin A, such as retinol and retinal, help to promote skin cell turnover and boost collagen growth.

Effective time

Use the skincare product each night for 1 to 2 weeks to begin seeing results.


Use the skincare product consistently as a part of your skincare routine.


Beginners to retinol skincare products should avoid using retinol of high concentration, as it can cause skin irritation, burning, stinging, or acne breakouts.

Comfort level

Your skin can burn, sting, get dry, and peel after applying retinol.

Sessions Needed

Use once nightly.

Real Results






Skin Analysis And Acne Scarring

Skin Analysis And

Acne Scarring

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What is the principle behind Acne Scarring Treatment?

1064nm wavelength laser energy penetrates deep into the dermis to shatter the melanin of acne scars into small particles for natural metabolic removal. The laser energy also stimulates dermal collagen proliferation for improving skin hydration and calming sebum secretion, effectively eliminating acne scars, filling pockmarks, shrinking pores, brightening skin tone reducing excess oil production on the face.

When is the best time to treat acne scars?

You have the highest chance of removing an acne scar within two months of its appearance. Most acne scars are initially red due to blood vessel dilation and skin inflammation. During this period, it is important to use skincare ingredients that can shrink blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory effects. After some time, the redness may transform into brown or black marks. This is due to increased melanin secretion by the skin's protective mechanism. You can break down such melanin by having laser treatments as early as possible.

How long do the results of the Acne Scarring Treatment last?

Complete the entire Acne Scarring Treatment to eliminate acne scars, fill pockmarks and brighten skin tone. Having one Acne Scarring Treatment session per month helps to maintain your skin and prevent acne and acne scars recurrence. In addition to removing acne scars, the treatment laser energy can also stimulate collagen production for maintaining the treatment results, as well as restoring the skin's brightness and elasticity.

How long is a complete Acne Scarring Treatment plan?

A complete Acne Scarring Treatment plan usually consists of 6 to 12 sessions. Shallower acne scars should subside after 3 to 6 sessions. However, acne scars and pockmarks of higher amounts, larger size, and deeper depth will need 6 to 12 sessions. This is because it takes time for acne scars to completely fade and for new collagen content to fill the pockmarks. If you are interested in the Acne Scarring Treatment, you may consult our professional skin consultants for a customized treatment plan.

What are the advantages of Acne Scarring Treatment over other similar treatments?

Compared to other acne scars removal methods , such as chemical peeling, pigmentation creams, and brightening serums, the Acne Scarring Treatment has the following advantages: 1. Removes acne scars from their roots and prevents acne from recurring. 2. Non-invasive, wound-less, non-allergic and highly safe. 3. Penetrates deep into the dermis to shatter deep-seated melanin. 4. Potent photothermal energy to accelerate skin cell turnover significantly. 5. Stimulates collagen production to fill pockmarks. 6. Brightens and evens skin tone, and removes blemishes. 7. Convenient treatment, only needed once per month. 8. Expands the skin's hydration capacity and content, and calms sebum secretion, effectively preventing acne from recurring.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer