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S6 溶脂修形疗程 S6 溶脂修形疗程

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Perfect Medical introduces a brand new fat-dissolving treatment: S6 Body Sculpting Treatment. The S6 treatment combines high-functioning bio-laser technology and vacuum suction technology. First, the bio-lasers induce fat cells to dissolve and release fatty acids. Then, the vacuum suction technology encourages lymphatic drainage for fatty acid removal. In the end, you will see fatty pocket thinning, giving you the perfect body shape you desire.

Want to slim down the following body parts?




Thighs and calfs

One treatment is all you need for a perfect body shape!1

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Combining high-functioning bio-lasers with vacuum suction technology to destroy and expel fat cells, resulting in a sensual body curve.


This treatment introduces an exclusive, high-functioning, non-invasive weight loss laser machine. This machine combines high-functioning bio-lasers with vacuum suction technology. First, bio-lasers trigger fatty acid catabolism. Then, the vacuum suction technology accelerates the body's lymphatic drainage of the fatty acid - this is the same principle as exercise-induced fat loss.

Targeted Body Parts

Targeting the seven more stubborn fat areas: waist, abdomen, arms, thighs, calves, above knees, and lower hips.1

Suitable Users

S6 is an ideal treatment for busy ladies with limited exercise time.


Witness improvement after the first session. Complete the full course of treatment for two to three years long results.2,3


This non-invasive treatment does not require medication or injection and carries no side effects.3

Four Main Treatment Advantages


Targeting the seven stubborn fatty body parts.


Dissolve fat without rebounding effects.2


Destroy fat cells directly.3


Painless, non-invasive, harmless to the skin.2

Causes of obesity

Long sitting hours

Office ladies always sit in front of the computer for long hours. Therefore, the torso's slow metabolism encourages fat accumulation in the waist and buttocks, resulting in a prominent abdomen and central obesity.

Insufficient exercise

Nowadays, many ladies have a hurried work and life schedule that takes away their time for exercising. Regular workouts can speed up metabolism and accelerate fat reduction. Without a regular exercise schedule, your body will store fat and becomes obese.

Excessive trans fat consumption

Takeaways are a staple of the busy city lifestyle. Many people have takeaways as their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, takeaway foods often contain lots of trans fats, which help form new fat and transfer fat from other body parts to the abdomen, leading to obesity.


As we age, metabolism slows down, lowering the speed of natural fat dissolution, forming a big belly and overall obesity.









Why choose the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?


Natural Slimming Effects

Perfect Medical uses medical-grade fat reduction machines to emit bio-laser, which release heat energy for dissolving fat cells and make for a natural-looking slim body.


Tighten Skin

Lasers can stimulate collagen growth in the innermost skin layer, which helps tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin laxity.


Long-Lasting Results with No Rebounds

The S6 treatment can eliminate up to 25%^3 fat cells in the targeted body parts. Since the total number of fat cells in the body is fixed, the destroyed fat cells will not regenerate.


High Safety

Our medical weight loss treatment is safe and reliable. The bio-lasers can penetrate fat tissues to induce fatty acid catabolism for excretion. The procedure is painless and non-invasive, causing no damage to the skin.

Experience the miracle of effortless weight loss for yourself!

Steps of the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

Perfect Medical's professional slimming experts will get to know the client's treatment expectations and make a detailed analysis of the client's body shape, local fat areas and desired spot reduction areas. Then, with the information in hand, the experts will design the most suitable and efficient fat loss treatment plan for the client.

Step 2

Tailor-Make Fat Reduction Treatment Plan

To achieve maximum fat dissolving results, our beauty consultants will discuss with the client the possible causes of obesity and weight loss failure among the client's daily habits. Then, with these data, the beauty consultants will arrange the most appropriate numbers and frequency of treatment sessions.

Step 3

Preparation before Treatment

The aesthetic therapists will explain to the customers the principles and procedures of the S6 treatment. The therapists will let the client feel the energy from the instrument probe while observing the client's skin and body reactions.

Step 4

Operating S6 Treatment

The therapists will use a medical-grade weight loss machine to emit bio-lasers to release heat energy, which dissolves the fat cells to achieve a slim body.

Step 5

Professional Follow-Up After-Treatment

After the treatment, the therapists will clean the client's skin. Then, the consultants will ask the client for feedback on the treatment. The consultants will also walk the client through detailed treatment aftercare and help book the next appointment.

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Comparing popular weight loss treatments

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment
The body-sculpting laser equipment combines high-functioning bio-lasers and vacuum suction technology. During the S6 procedure, the bio-lasers will first induce fat cell decomposition to release fatty acids. Then, the vacuum suction technology promotes lymphatic drainage, making for natural fatty acid removal.
Wait Time for Results
Immediate effects after the first session.
Enjoy slimming results that last for two to three years by completing the entire treatment course.
Non-invasive, no injection and medication required, no side effects.
Almost painless, no injection and medication required, no side effects.
Needed Session Amount
10 sessions per treatment course.
Liposuction Surgery
Create incisions on the skin for fat tissue content extraction.
Witness visible results three months post-surgery.
Maintain good daily habits and diet to reduce the possibility of rebounding.
This is a risky and invasive treatment. The surgical equipment may puncture internal organs, nerves and muscles.
You will experience muscle soreness after the surgery. The sensation will disappear within a few weeks.
Depends on the individual's aftercare and personal habits.
Radio Frequency Lipolysis
Radio frequencies seep into the underlying skin layers, stimulating cell activities via thermal energy, effectively accelerating fat cell metabolism.
Visible results occur within half a year to three months post-treatment.
Maintain good daily habits and diet to reduce the possibility of rebounding.
Non-invasive, non-surgical and painless. No contact between equipment and skin throughout the procedure. No downtime is required.
No medication and anaesthetic required. Comfortable for most users.
Depends on the individual's aftercare and personal habits.


S6 溶脂修形疗程 抽脂手术 RF射频溶脂
利用激光减肥仪器,将高性能的生物激光结合真空抽吸技术,生物激先诱发脂肪细胞分解并释放脂肪酸,然后再利用真空抽吸技术促进淋巴管道将之自然排出。 利用器械通过皮肤表面切开微小伤口直,抽取脂肪,进行切除 利用RF射频深度穿透皮肤层,以热力刺激细胞,加速新陈代谢,令脂肪更快凋亡,再经由新陈代谢排走
首次疗程已可实时看到效果 大约三个月后可见抽脂成效 术后半个月至3个月开始见到成效
如果完成整个疗程后,效果可维持2至3年 术后需要维持良好的生活习惯、好好控制饮食,才能减低反弹的机率 术后需要维持良好的生活习惯、好好控制饮食,才能减低反弹的机率
非入侵性治疗,无须打针服药,亦无副作用。 入侵性疗程,手术过程风险大,内脏、神经及肌肉有可能被刺穿损 非入侵性疗程,无创无痛,过程中不会接触皮肤,术后也无需恢复
无须打针服药,亦无副作用,几近毫无痛感 术后会感到类似于肌肉疼痛的酸痛,通常在几周内逐渐消失 过程无需服药、麻醉,几乎没有不适感
10次为一个疗程 视乎术后护理及个人生活习惯而异 视乎术后护理及个人生活习惯而异

Real Treatment Results


Before Treatment


After Treatment


Body Profile Analysis And S6

Body Profile Analysis And


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What are the causes of body fat gain?

As we age, our metabolism slows down. As a result, the body uses fat slower, making for more fat accumulation, resulting in obese body parts such as a big belly, impacting overall body shape. Moreover, many people have takeaways for every meal due to convenience. Unfortunately, most takeaway foods contain a large quantity of trans fat, which encourages new fat formation and transfers fat from other body parts to the abdomen, resulting in central obesity.

How many types of non-invasive and contactless fat dissolution treatments are there?

The two common contactless fat reduction treatments are thermal lipolysis and cryolipolysis. During a cryplipolysis, the equipment probe sucks up the warmth in the skin and fat tissues in order to freeze the fat cells. On the other hand, most thermal lipolysis treatments utilize various technologies, such as RF, bio-lasers, ultrasonic waves and more. Fat cells become necrotic naturally when above 42°C or below five °C because they are weak against extreme temperatures. The body's metabolism will remove the necrotized fat cell. Therefore, the S6 procedure induces neither bodily harm nor side effects.

What body parts does the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment target?

The S6 treatment can target the seven most stubborn fatty body parts: waist, abdomen, arms, thighs, calves, above the knees and buttocks.

Why choose the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?

The treatment employs medical-grade fat reduction equipment. Bio-laser technology produces thermal energy for dissolving fat cells, resulting in fat reduction and natural-looking slimming results. Furthermore, laser energy can stimulate collagen production in the innermost skin tissues, which tightens the skin and improve the appearance of cellulite, reducing overall skin laxity.

Is the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment safe or painless?

The S6 is a safe and reliable medical treatment for fat reduction. The bio-lasers can seep through fat tissues to stimulate fatty acid release for excretion. The procedure is painless, non-invasive, and harmless to the skin.

What are the aftercare tips for the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?

Avoid taking medications that can thin your blood (i.e. fish oil, alcohol, aspirin, anti-inflammation pills) for 2 weeks post-treatment. We recommend massaging the treated area twice per day for two weeks post-treatment. Daily massages are beneficial for lymphatic drainage, thus reducing the appearance of water retention and speeding up the fat cells' removal. Don't skim on sun protection when going out; instead, wear and reapply sunscreen regularly to prevent UV damage.

How does the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment prevent rebound weight gain?

The S6 treatment directly emits laser-thermal energy deep within the subcutaneous fat tissues. The energy targets and dissolves the fat cell membranes, which makes the fat cells release their fatty acid content into the lymphatic system for drainage. As a result, the fat cell amount is reduced. The destroyed fat cells will not regenerate as the fat cell number in an adult body is fixed, making S6's weight loss results more direct and complete than exercising. But, of course, one course of non-invasive fat reduction treatment cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. You must improve unhealthy habits if you wish to maintain your ideal weight forever.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer