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Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

Perfect Medical introduces the revolutionary Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment! This treatment combines lipolysis and skin tightening technology to target excess fat tissues1 in the inner skin layers. The treatment equipment emits energy to encourage lipid metabolism, lymphatic circulation and collagen proliferation. The results? Painless and wound-free fat reduction and skin-firming effects! The treatment employs triple-wavelength radiofrequency energy to target the inner, middle, and outer skin layers, respectively. The thermal energy breaks down fat cells and reduces fat tissue volume, effectively removing stubborn body fat.

The Other Fat Dissolution Treatments Can't Do These for You:

Deep-level fat dissolution

Skin tightening

Relieve oedema

Non-invasive and painless procedure

Learn the best way to destroy excess fat cells!

Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) energy + vacuum suction technology heat the body fat cells into decomposition. The energy also tightens saggy post-fat reduction skin, giving you a slim and tight body curve.


RF energy plus vacuum suction technology heat all fat tissues in the inner, middle and outer skin layers. Both technologies encourage lipid metabolism and stimulate the fibrous network to grow new collagen. In the end, you get alluring body curves with firm, bouncy skin!

Targeted Body Parts

The eight most common body fat areas: double chin, pot belly, tummy, thighs, love handles, calves, upper arms and hip.

Suitable Users

People with mild to moderate obesity.


No weight gain rebound2 post-treatment


Non-invasive, painless and non-surgical2


Four Main Treatment Advantages


Stimulate collagen proliferation


Improve saggy skin


Dissolve fat with no rebound2


Non-invasive and painless2

Targeted Types of Obesity


Frequent All-Nighters

City dwellers love "bedtime procrastination" - delaying bedtime way past midnight to have more personal time. But, unfortunately, all-nighters impact hormonal secretion, resulting in more stubborn body fat. Moreover, you gain weight even more quickly if you have snacks from 11 pm to 2 am.

High-Sugar Diet

Are you frequently consuming trendy, sugary drinks, such as boba tea or frappuccino? The excessive sugar content in these drinks can drastically raise your insulin level, making you rounder each day!

Sedentary Lifestyle

Hong Kongers are way too busy for workouts! Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that sitting for too long can limit your calorie expenditure, encourage fat accumulation, and hinder toxin expulsion.


Water accounts for 70% of the human body. An average adult needs to drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily. Enough water promotes metabolism and toxin expulsion. Consequently, a dehydrated body causes the blood to thicken and the blood circulation to slow down, resulting in oedema and dull skin.


Why Choose The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?



Unlike traditional liposuction surgical treatment, Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment is non-invasive, wound-free and painless. This procedure employs RF emission technology to dissolve deep-layer fat tissues, effectively reducing body fat without incisions.


Significant Fat Loss

The triple-wavelength RF energy heats adipose tissues in skin layers of all depths, inducing the decomposition of excess fat cells for a visible slimming effect.


Tighten skin

RF energy heats the dermis to stimulate collagen proliferation and strengthen the fibrous network, firming and plumping the skin.


Targeted area

Who says slimming must mean smaller breast cup sizes? Who says spot reduction is impossible? On the contrary, this treatment can reduce fat tissues in targeted body parts.

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The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

Perfect Medical's professional team will inquire about your treatment expectation. There will also be a detailed analysis of your body shape, skin and localized body fat area. You can see for yourself on the analysis equipment data such as fat ratio and BMI.

Step 2

Understanding Daily Habits

Perfect Medical's beauty consultants will discuss your daily habits to pinpoint your reason for fat accumulation. The consultants will also explain the technology and procedure of the treatment.

Step 3

Preparation Pre-Treatment

Your aesthetic therapist will perform a patch test on your skin. The therapist will also let you feel the warmth emitted from the equipment handpiece.

进行 Reaction 溶脂修形疗程
Step 4

Operating The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

The beauty therapist will place the equipment handpiece onto the treatment areas. The RF energy plus vacuum suction technology heats, stretches and massages the innermost skin and fatty tissues. You will be comfortable and warm during this procedure.

Step 5

Professional Follow-up Post-Treatment

The professional consultants will inquire about your feelings and opinions post-treatment. They will also explain to you in detail how to care for your body post-treatment and help you with booking the next appointment.


Precautions Post-Treatment


  • Do light exercises, such as scrolling and speed-walking, to increase the metabolic rate and accelerate lipid excretion.
  • Drink plenty of water post-treatment to encourage toxin expulsion.


  • Avoid overeating within two weeks post-treatment
  • Don't receive RF, IPL, laser, or other similar treatments on your treated area for two weeks post-treatment. Consult professionals if necessary.

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Comparing Popular Fat Dissolution Methods

The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment


RF energy and vacuum therapy are combined to heat the inner adipose tissues, promoting fat decomposition. The technology also encourages the growth of collagen and elastin fibres, effectively tightening your skin.

Wait Time for Results

Enjoy significantly thinner fat layers and firmer skin post-treatment.


Finish one course of treatment for powerful fat removal and skin tightening results. You may undergo a session per 4 to 6 months for result maintenance.


High safety, non-surgical, and brings no skin damage.


You will feel warm and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Sessions Needed

Achieve ideal results with just one course of treatment. Perfect Medical's professional team will design your treatment plan for optimal results.

Thermal Lipolysis


Gentle laser energy dissolves excess fat non-invasively. The liquified fat will go through metabolic removal.

Wait Time for Results

You can feel the fat tissue got thinner post-treatment


The result may sustain for 1-2 years


Laser energy may cause mild pain, burn, and rebounding hyperpigmentations.


Laser emission can be painful

Sessions Needed

Depends on the individual. Most people require 4 to 6 sessions per treatment course for desired results, while some may need 6 to 10 sessions.

Aerobic Exercises


Work out for 30 minutes to 1 hour non-stop to burn off blood sugar, glycogen, and excess fat. Maintain a regular exercise routine to prevent fat accumulation.

Wait Time for Results

Maintain a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet to see weight loss results after a long time.


Persistence is necessary. Skip the gym and overeat to see quick weight gain rebounds.


You can strain your muscles if you push yourself too hard or have improper posture.


You can experience muscle aches and soreness during and after workout sessions.

Sessions Needed

Exercise regularly three times per week for a long time to see improvement.



Before Treatment


After Treatment


Body Profile Analysis And Reaction

Body Profile Analysis And


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What is the principle of the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?

Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment employs radiofrequency energy plus vacuum technology to heat the deep-level fat tissues, inducing fatty acid catabolism, and resulting in reduced body fat mass. The treatment also encourages collagen proliferation for repairing collagen fibrous networks of the skin, thereby tightening the post-weight loss skin areas.

What are the benefits of the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?

The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment utilizes patented radiofrequency energy. Photothermal energy can penetrate the innermost skin layers to encourage localized blood flow. This procedure is painless, non-surgical and non-invasive. This treatment is also very flexible—you can choose the body parts which you wish to undergo the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment.

How long will it take for the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment results to show up?

Most users can already see their treatment body parts become thinner and tighter post-treatment.

Who is not suitable for the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?

Those with cardiovascular diseases or chronic illnesses, those with electronic implants, women who are on their periods, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers are all not allowed to undergo the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment.Please consult a professional before undergoing this treatment shall you have any questions regarding your suitability.

How can I enhance and extend the results of the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?

Daily habits, such as dieting, sleeping hours and schedule, and hydration level, can highly affect the intensity of your treatment results. You should maintain healthy daily habits to boost your metabolic rate, which will, in turn, maximize your treatment results.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer