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Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Many ladies wish never to see puffy eye bags, dark circles and deep wrinkles around their eyes. However, this is easier said than done - eye areas are prone to skin laxity, which ages up your look! Do you want to tighten your eyebags? If so, you should try Perfect Medical's Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment. The treatment equipment utilizes three thermal technologies to tighten the outermost, middle, and innermost orbital skin layers. Meanwhile, the thermal energy also improves microcirculation and dissolves eye bag fat, effectively resolving concerns such as eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles. After the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment, your eyes will become sharp, bright, and vibrant.

What eye-area concerns are you most scared of?

Heavy dark circles

Puffy eye bags

Deep eye wrinkles

Loose skin around the eyes

Don't be afraid of eye bags! There's your heavy-duty solution!

Technology of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Medical-grade radio frequency (RF) combines with red and blue light technology to dissolve excess eye bag fat. The energy also promotes eye area blood circulation, which improves eye bags, dark circles, and eye wrinkles.


Medical-grade RF technology releases energy to the dermis layer of the eyelids. The red and blue light seeps into outer, middle, and inner skin levels to dissolve excess eye bag fat. The lights also encourage eye-area blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which are good for removing fat, water and toxins from the body. As a result, RF combined with light therapy technology makes for incision-free and needle-free removal of eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

Targeted Issues

eye-area skin laxity, sagging eyelids, eye bags, dark circles, fine lines, tear troughs and more 1

Suitable Users

People with severe eye bags, and people who care about their eye-area skin condition.


This treatment continuously dissolves and removes deep-level edema and eye bag fat, resulting in long-lasting eye-area tightening results.


Non-invasive, painless, safe and reliable 2


Four Main Treatment Advantages


Three RF emissions simultaneously 3


Solve various eye-area skin concerns


Tighten skin around eyes continuously

无痛无创 不伤皮肤

Non-invasive, painless and harmless to the skin 2

Causes of Eye-Area Skin-Laxity


Aging skin

Skin gets saggy as we grow old, resulting in eye bags. Therefore, many ladies are worried that eye-area skin concerns will reveal their age. The skin around the eyes is one of the most delicate skin areas. The eye areas' connective tissues are very fragile and prone to wrinkling, sagging and laxity. Collagen is the primary nutrient in maintaining skin tightness, elasticity and smoothness. However, we lose collagen gradually as we age, which weakens supportive tissues and leads to loose and saggy skin, making for protruding orbicularis oculi, resulting in various types of wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags and more problems.

Overly expressive eyes

Frequent blinking, winking, and other micro-expressions of the eyes can loosen up the eye skin, increasing the chances of wrinkle and eye bag appearances. An expressive face makes for frequent movements and pressure on the eyes' tender skin tissues, resulting in loose lower eyelids and wrinkles. Loose eyelids can no longer support the lower eyelid fat pockets, which get droopy and become eye bags.

Overworked eye

Electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops have become staples in urban lives. However, constantly staring at blue screens can burden the eyes and increase the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and skin laxity. In addition, overworking your eyes tires eye area-skin and muscles, which clogs the surrounding microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in water and toxin retention-induced puffiness, dark circles, and eye bags.

Daily Makeup Applications

Makeups can conceal but also worsen eyebags, dark circles, tear troughs, laxity and other eye concerns. Pulling, rubbing and lifting of eye area skin for applying eye makeup can aggravate the skin. Heavy metal content in makeup products can also speed up skin ageing. Rubbing the eye when removing makeup can also hurt and loosen the skin, resulting in crow's feet, droopy eyes, eye bags and fine lines.


Why choose the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?


Dissolve Deep-Seated Fat

RF technology reaches deep into the dermis to dissolve excess eye bag fats. The energy also accelerates water and toxin expulsion from the body to smoothen puffy eye bags and eyelids, restoring tight and bright eyes.


Multifunctional Eye Rejuvenation

A single treatment can improve many eye area skin problems, including eye bags, dark circles, eye lines, and tear troughs. Improve skin condition around the eyes without undergoing multiple treatments.


Quick results

The equipment handpiece emits three sets of monopolar RF energy to speed up microcirculation instantly. The treatment handpiece also massages the eye to reduce water retention. This helps remove eye bags, making for instantly brightened eyes.



Unlike other eye bag removal surgeries, this treatment achieves results without incisions and injections. It is a harmless, painless and non-invasive treatment to remove eye bags.

Say bye to eye bags! Revive lifted and gleamy eyes!

Steps of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

Perfect Medical's beauty consultants will use the Reveal US-designed skin analyzer to evaluate the client's eye area skin condition and the types and severity of the eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and other concerns. Based on the results, suggestions for building a customized treatment plan will be made.

Step 2

In-Depth Treatment Consultation

Perfect Medical's consultants will explain to the client the theory, technics and expected results of the Miracle Eye Rescue treatment. After ensuring the client understands how exactly the treatment improves eye area skin concerns, the consultants will answer any questions posted by the client regarding the treatment and service.

Step 3

Preparation before Treatment

Firstly, the aesthetic therapists will cleanse the client's skin around the eyes. Then, they will apply RF gel and pick out the handpiece most suitable for the eye area. Next, the therapists will adjust the energy to the appropriate intensity for a safe and smooth session.

Step 4

Operating Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

The therapists will control the energy level emitted by the treatment instrument. After the session, the client will receive deep-hydrating face masks to moisturize the eye area and improve the treatment results.

Step 5

Professional Follow-Up Post-Treatment

The beauty consultants and therapists will check the treatment results carefully. They will also instruct the client on proper aftercare. Lastly, they will help the client with booking the next appointment.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Apply hydrating eye masks and eye cream to relieve dryness and prolong treatment results.
  • Apply SPF30+ sunscreen daily to avoid UV damage to the skin around the eyes.


  • Avoid drinking alcohol and doing strenuous exercise.
  • Avoid harsh eye cream and eye products, as well as laser eye treatments for two weeks post-treatment

Do you have tired-looking dark circles and severe eye bags?


Comparing Popular Eye Bag Removal Methods

Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment


3 sets of monopolar RF emissions coupled with red and blue light technology dissolve deep-seated eye bag fats. The energy also stimulates instant undereye tissue contraction and encourages collagen proliferation. Ultimately, the treatment improves skin elasticity and eliminates eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and other eye-related concerns.

Wait Time for Results

The treatment brings remarkable results. Witness lower eyelid contours surfacing after the dissolution of eye bag fat.


Stimulates deep-seated collagen tissues to proliferate for continuous eye bag preventing and tightening effects2


Non-invasive and painless, does not irritate or leave scars on the skin2


During the procedure, you may feel a soothing warmth in your eyelids and eye bags.

Needed Session Amount

6 sessions for mild eye bags; 10 sessions for severe eye bags.

Eye Massages


Use your fingers to press the acupoints at various areas, such as the tear ducts and brows, to dredge blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The goal is to speed up excess fat and water expulsion to tighten the eye contours.

Wait Time for Results

You need to massage the eye constantly for a while to see improvement.


Massage the eyes daily to maintain bright eyes


Excessive force may cause pain, so be careful.


Depending on the technics, massaging can bring soothe the eyes.

Needed Session Amount

This depends on the individuals. There may never be any improvement in the long term.

Eye Bag Removal Surgery (Blepharoplasty)


The surgeon cuts open the eyelid and orbicularis muscle to remove the excess eye bag fat at the orbits. This surgery can tighten the eyes and improve dark circles and wrinkles.

Wait Time for Results

Results will be visible after at least one month of recovery.


Maintain an eye-skincare routine to prevent dark circles and eye bags from returning.


Anesthesia is necessary for eye bag surgery. There are risks of bacterial infection and scarring.


There will be pain during recovery. Swelling subsiding will also be uncomfortable.

Needed Session Amount

Eye bags can return, in which case another surgery will be necessary.

Real Treatment Results


Before Treatment


After Treatment


Skin Analysis And R6

Skin Analysis And


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How does the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment improve the skin around the eyes?

Miracle Eye Rescue employs three wavelengths of monopolar RF energy to seep into the outer, middle, and inner skin layers around the eyes to dissolve eye bag fat. Red and blue light technology stimulates skin tissues to contract and produce collagen. Collagen proliferation helps repair fibrous tissues around the eyes, effectively tightening and lifting the skin at the orbits, as well as encouraging circulation for speedy drainage of fat, water and toxins. In the end, the eyes become bright and firm, with no skin concerns like eye bags, wrinkles, or dark circles.

Does the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment hurt?

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, which is why many ladies are worried about possible pain, irritation and scarring from eye treatments. Such worries are unnecessary with Miracle Eye Rescue, as it is a highly safe treatment. Miracle Eye Rescue uses non-invasive monopolar RF energy of three wavelengths, which are gentle to the eyes. In addition, the energy can give off a comfortable warmth akin to that from a hot towel or massage. There will also be no scarring or damage to the skin tissues, as the energy seeps into the dermis layer non-surgically. Overall, this is a safe and reliable treatment for all ladies.

What are the advantages of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

Common eye bag removal methods include eye acupoint massages, eye creams and eye masks. These methods may be able to improve eye bags to some degree. However, their ability to reach the dermis and dissolve eye bag fat is debatable. After all, these common methods cannot guarantee results, as their effectiveness greatly depends on the user's skin condition. On the contrary, Miracle Eye Rescue's triple wavelengths monopolar RF energy can target all dermal skin concerns and dissolve eye bag fat. The energy can also encourage the orbits' microcirculation and dredge lymphatic drainage of fat, water and toxin. Miracle Eye Rescue can simultaneously target multiple eye-area concerns, such as eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles, which is an advantage unmatched by other eye bag removal methods.

What are the differences between Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment and eye bag surgery?

Eye bag removal surgery, aka Blepharoplasty, requires the surgeon to make an incision under the eyes or at the inner eyelids to remove the excess eye bag fat for smoothing and tightening effects. This surgery is very effective but also dangerous as it requires anaesthesia. Moreover, post-surgical bruising and swelling in the eye areas take time to heal. Scarring and even disfigurement are possible in cases of botched surgeries. Miracle Eye Rescue needs no incision nor injection, thus 100% non-invasive, anaesthetic-free and woundless. Miracle Eye Rescue is very convenient and safe, that downtime is unnecessary, so you can continue your daily routine and wear makeup immediately.

How to get a free trial of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

Perfect Medical provide Miracle Eye Rescue free trials. Simply register online for a free full session of the Miracle Eye Rescue treatment! The first trial session includes consultation services from both professional beauty consultants and aesthetic therapists, eye area skin analysis by the US Reveal skin analyzer, and a free deep-hydration face mask treatment after the session. With one trial, you can enjoy medical beauty services of the highest quality.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer