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P9 Pico Laser Treatment P9 Pico Laser Treatment

P9 Pico Laser Treatment

Hyperpigmentation and melanin accumulation are public enemies of ladies who wish for flawless skin.

As age catches up, external pollution and other factors cause the skin to age at an accelerated pace. Pigmentation is also one of the symptoms of ageing. The P9 Treatment at Perfect Medical uses a picosecond laser to penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. The high-energy laser destroys all melanin and expels them via the body's metabolism process. Meanwhile, the energy also stimulates collagen cell proliferation, helps repair skin tissues, and eliminates pockmarks, acne marks, facial scars and other skin-related issues.

Are you concerned about the following aging signs??

Dark spots


Acne marks

Melanin accumulation

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P9 Pico Laser Technology

Picosecond laser penetrates the dermis skin layer to shatter melanin for metabolic removal. Meanwhile, the laser energy also stimulates collagen proliferation for skin quality improvement, restoring bright and youthful skin.


The picosecond laser travels at a speed 1000 times3 faster than a traditional laser, penetrating the dermis skin layer instantly. The highly-focused energy can aim and break down all pigments and melanin in the skin layers for lymphatic drainage. At the same time, the laser stimulates collagen proliferation for repairing the fibrous tissues, thus restoring the skin's elasticity and eliminating pockmarks, acne marks, facial scars and more.

Targeted Concerns

Pigmented spots, melanin accumulation, pockmarks, acne blemishes, facial scars and more.

Suitable Users

People concerned about hyperpigmentation, pockmarks, acne blemishes and overall skin quality.

Constancy of Results

This treatment can stimulate continuous collagen proliferation for long-lasting skin repair2.


Picosecond laser is safe, as it stays in the skin very briefly, thus no chances for burns, pain or irritation3.


Four Main Treatment Advantages


Highly-concentrated picosecond laser energy1,3

K.O. 凹凸洞、暗疮印

Resolves a variety of skin problems


Quick results2


Painless and non-invasive, brings no skin damage2

Reasons for Melanin Accumulation


UV Exposure

Melanin accumulation is the primary cause of hyperpigmentation and dull skin tone. Constant UV exposure accelerates your risk of melanin accumulation. This is because UV rays can reach the innermost skin layers, stimulating melanocytes to create more melanin. Accumulation occurs when the amount of melanin becomes too much for lymphatic drainage. Therefore, if you rarely wear sunscreen outdoors, you are exposing yourself to the risks of hypopigmentation and premature skin ageing, leading to wrinkles, loose skin and more.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones strongly correlate to melanin production. Women are particularly susceptible to endocrine imbalance-induced melanin accumulation. During menstruation and pregnancy, the female body produces a huge amount of estrogen, stimulating melanocyte activity into producing excessive melanin, resulting in melanin accumulation. Hormonal imbalance-induced pigmented spots can appear not only on the face but all over the body. Delayed treatments can lead to permanent hyperpigmentation that impacts the appearance.

Stress and Negative Emotions

City dwellers live a hurried lifestyle, making them prone to stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe excessive stress burdens the liver, which tires out the liver and hinders blood circulation. As a result, the stressed liver cannot expel toxins effectively, resulting in pigmentation surfacing. Moreover, since the liver moderates stress, people prone to worrying and brooding put their livers under constant pressure, making for more active melanocytes, producing more melanin. Stress-induced pigmentation is common among working moms.

Frequent All-Nighters

All-nighters, irregular circadian rhythm, and short sleeping hours are typical city lifestyles. Your sleeping hours are crucial to body and skin cell repair. Staying up at night denies the body of its resting hours. The overworked and tired body triggers melanin production and slows down metabolism. As a result, melanin accumulates into pigmentation as time goes on.


Why choose the P9 Pico Laser Treatment?


Picosecond Laser

The picosecond laser beam travels at a speed 1000 times faster than the traditional laser beam, meaning it does not linger in the skin tissues. Therefore, the picosecond laser beams will not burn the skin, making for a highly-functional and safe treatment.


Multifunctional Skin-Rejuvenating Results

One P9 Pico Laser treatment can significantly reduce melanin, pockmarks, acne marks and more, giving you multiply rejuvenating skin results in one treatment.


Activate Collagen Proliferation Continuously

Picosecond laser energy can stimulate collagen production for continuous fibrous tissue repair, filling sunken skin tissues and extending the skin's elasticity.


Practically Painless

This treatment brings minimal pain. Since the laser beams are both fast and focused, they bring minimal irritation to the skin, eliminating all chances of rebounds.

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Steps of P9 Pico Laser Treatment

Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

The professional beauty consultants will run a high-tech skin analyzer to study the client's skin condition and the types of dark spots, pockmarks and acne scars. The consultants will also deduce the root causes of the client's skin issues based on her daily habits.

Step 2

Detailed Treatment Consultation

The beauty consultants will design a laser treatment plan that caters to the client's personal skin concerns. The consultants will also explain to the client the theory, expectable results, advantages and estimated progress of the P9 Pico Laser Treatment.

Step 3

Preparation Before Treatment

Our aesthetic therapists will clean the client's skin. Then, they will switch to the suitable equipment handpiece and adjust to the appropriate laser energy level. Next, the therapists will help the client with wearing protective goggles.

Step 4

Performing the P9 Pico Laser Treatment

The therapists will adjust the energy level emitted by the equipment throughout the treatment, as the appropriate energy level can target and shatter melanin underneath the skin and stimulate collagen growth. In addition, for longer-lasting treatment results, the therapists will hydrate the client's skin thoroughly post-treatment.

Step 5

Professional Follow-up Post-Treatment

Both the professional beauty consultants and aesthetic therapists will review the client's treatment results. They will also instruct the client on aftercare, help with making the next appointment, and answer any questions by the client.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Apply hydrating masks to relieve skin dryness and maintain long-lasting results.
  • Wear SPF30+ sunscreens to protect skin from UV exposure-induced rebounds.


  • Avoid using AHA, retinoids and other acidic skin care products for one-week post-treatment.
  • Avoid undergoing laser, IPL, radio frequency and other light therapies for skin care within two weeks post-treatment.

Do pigmented spots and pockmarks make you look ten years old?


Comparing Popular Pigmentation Removal Methods

P9 Pico Laser Treatment


Picosecond lasers penetrate the innermost skin layers to shatter pigmentation and melanin for lymphatic drainage. The laser energy also stimulates collagen production for skin tissue repair, improving pockmarks, acne blemishes, scars and other concerns.

Wait Time for Results

Reduce pigmentation and improve skin quality with just one treatment.


Simulate collagen growth for long-term skin repair.



The procedure is comfortable with close to 0% pain.

Needed Sessions Amount

We recommend six sessions for mild pigmented spots; and ten sessions for severe cases of hyperpigmentation.

IPL Treatment


Intense pulsed light (IPL) penetrates the innermost skin layers. IPL of various wavelengths targets different pigmented spots and melanin accumulations to be destroyed by photothermal effects. The shattered melanin will be expelled by the body's metabolic system, resulting in pigmentation removal.

Wait Time for Results

Skin refining effects occur instantly, with pigmentation slowly fading alongside the metabolic process.


The results can be long-lasting, but there is also the risk of rebounds.


It can be dangerous with a high chance of rebounds.


The treatment can bring intense heating sensations and even pain.

Needed Sessions Amount

Depending on the individual, it may take 10-20 treatment sessions.

Spot Removal Cream


The doctor will prescribe acid-containing spot-removal cream to the patient according to the pigmentation's type and condition. Apply once per day or according to the doctor's instructions. Acidic spot-removal cream speeds up the skin's keratin renewal, rushing the natural pigmentation expelling process.

Wait Time for Results

Keep up daily usage for at least one month for possible visible results.


May work, but with the risk of rebounds


Low risk of severe side effects, but with the chance of skin allergic reactions.


Spot removal cream can be thick, making the skin sticky and uncomfortable.

Needed Sessions Amount

Depends on the individual.

Real Treatment Results


Before Treatment


After Treatment


Skin Analysis And P9

Skin Analysis And


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What can the P9 Pico Laser Treatment Do?

Perfect Medical's P9 Pico Laser Treatment employs picosecond laser technology to reach the innermost skin layers and shatter stubborn melanin. The picosecond laser beam travels at a speed 1000 times faster than traditional laser beams, which means the picosecond laser beam does not linger in the skin tissues, making for a safe treatment. Once within the skin layers, P9 picosecond laser beams can shatter melanin into specks of dust for easier lymphatic drainage. Without the accumulating melanin, the skin will become bright and smooth. Moreover, the picosecond laser energy can seep into the dermis layer to activate collagen proliferation and collagen tissue repair - vital for filling sunken skin areas, tightening skin and boosting the skin's elasticity. Overall, P9 can remove hyperpigmentation, smooth out pockmarks, minimize pores, lighten acne scars, enhance the skin's elasticity, improve skin textures and more.

Does the P9 Pico Laser Treatment cause scabbing on the skin?

Many ladies are concerned about the possible high-energy laser treatment-induced skin damage, such as overheating, burning, scabbing, and even rebound effects. Generic laser treatments utilize photothermal effects, heating the skin tissues to break down melanin and reduce pigmentation. However, laser beams can overheat the skin tissues as they linger, causing burning and scabbing. The newly developed picosecond laser technology emits laser beams that travel at a speed 1000 times faster than traditional laser beams, making for brief skin contact. The picosecond laser beams are so fast that the kinetic energy hits the melanin and causes it to vibrate, effectively shattering the melanin into dust, making skin-heating no longer necessary. As a result, P9 does not cause burns and scabs, making it a way safer treatment when compared to traditional laser treatments.

Why should I choose the P9 Pico Laser Treatment?

There are countless options for laser pigmentation treatments on the market, and Perfect Medical's P9 Pico Laser Treatment is the superior choice among them all. P9 is unique because it is a multifunctional laser treatment that brings minimal skin irritation. Too many laser treatments focus only on hyperpigmentation removal while ignoring all-rounded skin rejuvenation. P9's picosecond laser technology can simultaneously destroy melanin and stimulate collagen proliferation, making for more efficient skin repair, plumping sunken skin areas and smoothing the overall skin texture. P9 Pico Laser treatment can solve all the concerns accompanying hyperpigmentation, such as pockmarks, acne marks & scars, melanin accumulation, enlarged pores and more.

How many sessions are in one P9 Pico Laser Treatment Plan?

The number of sessions needed per treatment plan depends on each client's skin condition and concerns. Generally speaking, six sessions per treatment plan should bring optimal results for those with mild pockmarks, epidermal pigmentations, enlarged pores and more. Meanwhile, we recommend ten sessions per treatment plan for those with more severe skin concerns such as melasma and deep pockmarks. To further understand the P9 treatment, you should book online for a free trial. During the trial, our professional aesthetic therapists will conduct a detailed skin analysis by evaluating your skin condition with an analyzer. With the analysis results, the consultants will tailor-make the most suitable treatment plan for you.

How can I prolong the P9 treatment results?

The P9 picosecond laser energy activates collagen proliferation in the skin tissues, making for continuous skin repair and improving the skin's elasticity ongoingly. Symptoms such as pockmarks and acne scars will see long-lasting improvements. However, the collagen proliferation rate may slow down due to the skin's dryness induced by the laser energy. To reach and sustain maximum collagen proliferation rate, you should regularly hydrate the skin by applying hydrating masks. Moreover, you should protect your skin against UV damage-induced rebound effects by wearing SPF30+ sunscreen daily.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer