i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment

i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment

Do your puffy eye bags make you look sluggish? Do they make you look years older than your peers? Having a pair of tight and sparkly eyes can make you look years younger. Unfortunately, most eye bag treatments are wastes of time and money! Instead, actively approach under eye bags with the i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment! The i-Perfect treatment handpiece emits radiofrequency (RF) energy, which covers the entirety of your eye bags like a net. The RF energy stimulates collagen proliferation and dissolves eye bag fat at the innermost skin layer, removing your under eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles all at once!

Do these eye area concerns trouble you?

Puffy under eye bags

Eye wrinkles & crow's feet

Dark circles

Eye area skin laxity

Stop buying expensive eye creams and invest in RF energy!

i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment

Eliminate severe eye bags, under-eye fluid retention, puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles - restore soulful gazes!


The painless "radio wave facelift" technology releases the 6 million-Hz RF energy via the eye-area specific, 0.7cm treatment probe. 100 shots of RF energy are emitted to each side of your eye bags, covering both like a net. The energy reaches and heats the innermost under-eyes skin tissues to 75°C, dissolving eye bag fat for metabolic removal, speeding up eye area microcirculation, relieving fluid retention, and encouraging collagen growth. Overall, these treatment functions help reduce under eye bags, smoothen wrinkles, lift eyelid skin and brighten dark circles 3

Target Issues

Eye bags, excess fluid at the lower eyelids, dark circles, wrinkles, saggy eyelids, puffy under-eyes, and other concerns.

Target Users

People who want to address wrinkles, crow’s feet, under eye bags, dark circles and other age-related eye area concerns


See treatment effects right after the first treatment session; finish the entire course of treatment for long-lasting treatment results.


Non-surgical, non-invasive, with no side effects or wound on your skin.


Four Treatment Advantages


Radiofrequency technology with net-pattern emission 3


Smart Magneto-Resistance Sensing System


All-round solution to your eye problems


Non-invasive and painless 2

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags


Cold Compress

Practised by many female celebrities, the cold compress method is probably the most common and simple eye bag soothing method. This method can be easily incorporated into your morning routine. Firstly, put the metal spoon in the refrigerator overnight. Then, in the morning, press the spoon repeatedly against your puffy eyes. The coldness can help release fluid retention, which reduce puffiness instantly. But, unfortunately, this method only gives temporary results.

Under-eye Gua Sha

Perform eye-area Gua Sha at night to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling for removing under eye bags and lightening dark circles. To do eyebags Gua Sha accurately, apply face oils to the eye bag surface, and then perform a sweeping motion from the inner corner to the outer eye corner with a wooden or jade-made eye area Gua Sha tool. Repeat the motion until your eye bags become red. You must consider the risk of wounds, bruises and skin burns before doing Gua Sha. You will also need recovery time for the ruptured blood vessels around the eyes to repair themselves.

Radiofrequency Eye Treatment

RF energy can improve your under eye area at their roots. Since most long-term eye bags are stuffed full of eye bag fat tissues, tightening the under-eye skin does not address the issue and will eventually allow under eye bags to return. In contrast, RF energy can give the under-eyes a "painless magnetic-facelift": the thermal energy heats and dissolves eye bag fat for metabolic removal. The energy can also stimulate microcirculation around the eyes, which helps with collagen proliferation, resulting in long-term improvement of eye bags, wrinkles, and under eye circles.

Saline eye masks

Saline eye masks are popular among actresses and models for calming eye bags and wrinkles. To make saline eye masks, you can first soak two cotton pads in hot water with a spoonful of salt, and then apply them to your under eye bags for 5-10 minutes or until they dry completely. This method helps reduce puffiness quickly.


Why the i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment?


Eye bag surgery-alike treatment results

RF technology is well known for its ability to give painless facelifting results. i-Perfect employs RF energy to tighten under eye area non-invasive, meaning no surgery, injections, or scars. This treatment gives results similar to eye bag surgery.


Eye-area skin lift

Besides removing under eye areas, RF energy can also promote collagen proliferation for tightening and lifting the under-eyes, giving you bright eyes.


Smart Magneto-Resistance Sensing System

The treatment equipment can measure your skin's resistance to RF energy emission. Then, the equipment will emit the accurate intensity of energy accordingly, ensuring most of the RF energy reaches the innermost skin layer, giving you an effective and safe treatment experience.


Immediate effect

This treatment starts to reduce eye puffiness immediately. You can feel your eye areas tightening during RF energy emission. Moreover, this treatment requires no downtime, allowing you to continue your work and social life as usual.

You are one click away from eliminating eye bags and puffiness! Look 10 years younger now!

Steps: i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment

Step 1

Professional skin analysis

Perfect Medical's professional skin care expert will use a skin analyzer to examine your skin condition and concerns (i.e. eye bag sagginess, under eye circles severity, eye wrinkle depths and distribution.

Step 2

Lifestyle consultation

Perfect Medical's professional consultant will discuss your eye care habits and treatment expectations with you. Together, you two will set up the treatment session amount and frequency. In addition, the consultant will also give you recommendations on proper eye area skin care.

Step 3

Preparation before treatment

Firstly, the beauty therapist will remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. Then, they will apply facial oil to your under-eye areas before placing electrical conducting pads onto the same areas. There will also be a small patch test on your skin to ensure no adverse reaction.

进行 i-Perfect 眼袋枪疗程
Step 4

Operating the i-Perfect treatment

In addition to the emission of RF energy to your eye bag areas, the beauty therapist will apply hydrating eye masks, eye cream and eye serum to your treated under-eye area. Hydration encourages under-eye microcirculation for sooner treatment results.

Step 5

Professional follow-up post-treatment

Perfect Medical's professional team will follow up on your opinions and skin reactions post-treatment. The team will also inform you about proper treatment aftercare and help you book the next treatment session.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Hydrate and moisturize your dry skin around the eyes with eye cream and eye masks to promote collagen proliferation and speed up the expulsion of eye bag fat.
  • Protect your eye areas from direct sun exposure by wearing sunscreen or SPF+ eye cream, hats or sunglasses.


  • Avoid irritating skin care products (i.e. chemical exfoliants, physical scrubs, retinol or green tea eye cream) for a week post-treatment.
  • Avoid overly hot places (i.e. sauna, hot stone massage) for half a month post-treatment.

Are surgery and injections the only hopes for heavy eye bags? RF energy says no!


Comparing Eye Bag Removal Methods

i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment


The eye-specific treatment probe, incorporated with Smart Magneto-Resistance Sensing System, emits RF energy to cover eye bag areas like a net. The RF energy heats and dissolves excess fat for lymphatic drainage and encourages collagen production.

Wait Time for Results

Witness treatment effects after the first treatment session. Treatment effects include firming and lifting eye area skin, smoothening under eye bags, calming puffy lids, and brightening under eye circles.


Complete an entire treatment plan for age-reversing treatment results. Enjoy long-last treatment results by maintaining an eye area skincare routine, such as wearing eye cream and eye serum with green tea extract.


High safety, non-invasive, leaving no wounds on your skin.

Comfort level

Most users report feeling no pain but slightly warm during treatment.

Sessions Needed

Most treatment plans comprise 6 sessions, while those with more severe under eye puffiness may need more sessions depending on the individual conditions.

Eye Bag Removal Surgery


The surgeon will make a small incision either inside your lower eyelid or along your lower eyelashes to extract excess eye bag fat.

Wait Time for Results

This procedure gives instant eye bag removal results. However, you must wait until the stitches are removed to enjoy the treatment results. Until then, you will have to bear with a pair of swollen eyes.


Under eye puffiness can recur as eye muscles become loose as you age.


This invasive surgical procedure can be painful and may result in broken blood vessels, bleeding, bruises, soreness, and scarring.


It is an invasive surgical operation which causes painful wounds, swelling and bruising

Required Sessions

One operation is usually all you need. However, there is always a chance of eye bag recurrence, in which case you need to undergo another operation.

HIFU Eye Bag Treatment


HIFU energy promotes fat dissolution at the innermost skin layers.

Effective time

Lifting, firming and smoothening treatment effects on the under eye puffiness begin after the first treatment session.


Complete an entire course of treatment for ideal treatment results. The result's durability depends on the intensity of the HIFU treatment energy.


HIFU heats the inner skin layers drastically. Mistakes in conducting the procedure can lead to skin burns; permanent retina damage may occur shall the HIFU energy accidentally targets the eyes.


You will feel hot and tingly during the treatment procedure.

Required Session

Depends on the energy intensity. Generally speaking, a treatment course should consist of 6 treatment sessions.

Real Treatment Results






Skin Analysis And i-Perfect

Skin Analysis And


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What is the theory behind the i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment?

The 6 million-Hz monopolar-RF treatment probe has a Smart Magneto-Resistance Sensing System and 0.7cm-coverage probe tip padding. The probe emits RF energy shots to cover the eye bag areas evenly like a net, heating the innermost skin layer to 75°C, effectively dissolving eye bag fat for lymphatic drainage. The energy also activates the skin tissue's self-repairing mechanism for new collagen proliferation, tightening the under-eye skin and improving blood flow. Ultimately, this treatment helps remove eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles.

What else can the i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment do besides reducing eye bags?

Besides eliminating eye bags, i-Perfect's thermal energy shatters aged collagen and stimulates new collagen growth. The thickened collagen network helps fill enlarged pores, hydrate the skin, smoothen wrinkles, tighten under-eye skin, reverse eyelid laxity, speed up repair of blood vessels, improve microcirculation and brighten dark circles, giving you full-ranged eye area age-reversing results.

How long does an i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment take? How many treatment sessions are there?

Each i-Perfect treatment session takes 30 minutes. Treatment effects take place right after the first session: you will notice slightly smaller eye bags, tightened under-eyes and reduced puffiness. We recommend 1 treatment session per half a month and 6 sessions in total for mild to modern eye concerns. You may take more treatment sessions to address more severe issues.

What are the risks of eye bag surgery?

Besides incisions and post-surgical complications, the skills of the board certified plastic surgeon also make a huge difference in the surgical results. The surgeon needs to monitor how much eye bag fat is to be extracted: too little, eye bags remains and will get worse eventually; too much, the under-eye areas will become sunken. Moreover, the surgeon might trim some excess skin at the lower eyelids, as the lower eyelid skin will become hollow and saggy after eye bag fat removal. However, the surgeon must beware of trimming too much skin, as it can result in exposed inner eyelids, greatly affecting your eyeball health and eyesight.

Does the i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment cause wounds? Will I need a recovery period?

i-Perfect Eye Bag Removal Treatment is a 100% non-invasive treatment. The monopolar RF technology, nicknamed "painless magnetic skin-lift", emits energy shots to cover the eye bags like a net for tightening results. This treatment causes no wound and needs neither injections nor medication. In addition, the procedure is painless, with most users reporting feeling only slightly warm. Lastly, no downtime is needed; you can wear eye makeup and go out immediately afterwards.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer