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HIFU Fat Burner Treatment HIFU Fat Burner Treatment

HIFU Fat Burner Treatment

Having a perfect body figure is a common wish among women. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a well-developed and productive technology for facial rejuvenation and weight loss. Perfect Medical introduces the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment1 - its patented HIFU technology can melt down fat tissues acutely for metabolic removal. This non-invasive weight loss treatment can give you all-rounded fat melting and tightening results, giving you your ideal body curves!

Do You Have the Following Wight Loss Concerns?

Skin Laxity

Localized Obesity


Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Difficulties

Try Now for Free: the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment!

HIFU Fat Burner Treatment

HIFU energy dissolves localized fat tissues and stimulates collagen proliferation, helping you lose weight and tighten body curves with ease!


HIFU energy penetrates and dissolves the targeted fat tissues. The melted fat tissues go through decomposition and lymphatic drainage, giving you weight loss effects.

Moreover, the patented HIFU energy promotes collagen proliferation, as well as firming and lifting your body curves from the innermost skin and muscle layers.

Targeted Concerns

Localized body fat parts include the tummy, thighs, calves, and upper arms 1

Suitable Users

This weight lose treatment is suitable for those who wish to improve the appearance of localized body fat areas, cellulite and saggy skin. This weight loss treatment is also ideal for those who want to lose weight but are too busy to work out.


See visible weight lose results with no weight-gain rebound2 with just one course of treatment.


This weight loss treatment is safe2 and brings no skin damage.


The 4 Major HIFU Fat Burner Treatment Advantages

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Weight loss results comparable to liposuction 3


Patented HIFU technology 3


Non-invasive, safe and painless 2


Spot reduction

Common Reasons for Obesity


Poor Diet

Consume fatty, oily and sugary foods regularly and avoid vegetables to see your weight increase drastically. Fat can reside in various body parts, giving you a pot belly, flabby arms, heavy bottom and more.

Lack of Exercise

Most city dwellers, especially office workers, sit still all day. A sedentary lifestyle means a small muscle volume and slow metabolism. As a result, the body often converts the consumed-but-unused calories into body fat for storage, resulting in obesity.


Stress worsens your mental health and puts you at risk of weight gain. Long-term stresses can impact the region in your central nervous system responsible for appetite regulation, which makes you feel like your stomach is an insatiable bottomless pit. In the end, you gain weight after caving into bingeing.


Study shows obesity can be inherited. A kid is prone to weight gain if one of the parents is heavy-set by birth. This type of person should be extra mindful of their diet.


Why Choose the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment?


Targets Excess Fat Tissues Effectively

HIFU technology can help you lose weight by heating and dissolving the targeted fat tissues for lymphatic drainage.


Firms and Tightens Skin

HIFU energy stimulates collagen proliferation and plumps up the skin simultaneously.


Non-Surgical and Painless 2

Lose weight without injection, incision, medication, or skin damage.


Safe and Reliable

We use internationally certified HIFU weight loss equipment for its guarantee of safety and effectiveness.

Lose weight while tightening skin! Try HIFU for weight loss now - it is pain-free!

The Steps: HIFU Fat Burner Treatment

Step 1

Professional Consulting

Perfect Medical's professional consultants will inquire about your daily habits and weight gain causes. This is to set up a personalized and targeted weight loss treatment plan.

Step 2

Explain the Weight Loss Treatment

The consultant will explain the weight loss treatment theory, procedure, precautions and aftercare in detail.

Step 3

Preparation Pre-Treatment

The aesthetic therapist will perform a patch test of the energy on your inner arms before starting the procedure. This is to ensure no adverse reaction to the HIFU energy. Next, the therapist will clean and mark the skin of the targeted body part for the procedure.

进行 HIFU 溶脂修形疗程
Step 4

The HIFU Fat Burner Treatment Procedure

The aesthetic therapist will select a handpiece best suits your needs. The therapist will also monitor your reactions meticulously and adjust the energy intensity accordingly.

Step 5

Professional Follow-Up Post-Treatment

The aesthetic therapist will clean your treated skin area post-procedure. Our professional team will take note of your opinion of the procedure and document the appearance of your treated body part pre and post-procedure. At last, the team will help your book your next weight loss appointment.


HIFU Fat Burner
Post-Treatment Aftercare


  • Enjoy long-term weight loss results with no weight gain rebound by exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet with healthy foods.
  • Opt for loose-fitting clothes to avoid pressure on the treated body part.


  • Avoid high-energy treatments (i.e. laser, IPL and RF) for the treated body part for two weeks
  • Avoid high-intensity and sweaty exercises for one week

Comparing Popular Weight Loss Methods

HIFU Fat Burner Treatment


Patented HIFU energy penetrates the targeted fat tissues to dissolve the excess fat cells for metabolic removal, giving you weight loss results.

Wait Time for Results

See significant weight loss results with just one treatment. However, results become more prominent 2 to 3 months post-treatment as collagen proliferation needs time.


Maintain healthy habits, such as a healthy diet and a exercise routine to prevent weight gain rebounds.


Non-surigcal and risk-free.


Almost painless with a possibility of slight pinching sensations

Session Amount Needed

Only one weight loss treatment session is needed per year for long-term results2



Lose weight via aerobic exercises and strength training. Such workouts also give several health benefits, such as increasing muscle volume and metabolic rate for a more "fat gain-resistant" body.

Wait Time for Results

Depending on the individual's starting weight and body fat percentage, it can take from months to half a year to show weight loss results.


You must work out persistently and regularly for visible weight loss results.


Improper postures can result in injuries.


Workouts can be painful and exhausting.

Session Amount Needed

Two to three times weekly.



Regulate calorie intake by eating less or even skip meals to burn body fat and lose weight.

Wait Time for Results

You will experience rapid water weight loss for the first few weeks. However, weight gain rebound is sure to follow if you resume your regular diet.


By lowering calorie intake, you will have to starve yourself, which can easily lead to bing-eating.


Attempting weight loss by dieting can lead to malnutrition, protein deficiency and increased heart burden.


Prolonged hunger can lead to fatigue and negative moods.

Session Amount Needed

Wight loss results depends on the individual's body.

HIFU Fat Burner Treatment Hong Kong Testimonials


Before Treatment


After Treatment


Body Profile Analysis And HIFU

Body Profile Analysis And


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HIFU Fat Burner Treatment

What are the impacts of obesity?

Besides appearance, obesity can also damage your health. Studies show obesity increases the risk of chronic illnesses (i.e. cardiovascular diseases and diabetes). Weight loss can give you a younger and fitter body plus numerous health benefits.

How is the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment better than dieting?

Dieting is a common weight loss method. By limiting your portion, you consume fewer calories. However, even though this weight loss method gives rapid results within the first couple of weeks, it invites adverse effects such as weight gain rebounds and malnutrition. On the other hand, the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment applies patented HIFU technology to penetrate and heat deep-seated fat tissues for natural metabolic removal. This weight loss treatment procedure helps you loss weight while bringing neither skin damage nor side effects. Plus, it's a far safer, more effective, and more sustainable weight loss method than dieting!

How does the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment work?

The patented HIFU technology emits energy into the targeted fat tissues, dissolving it for natural metabolic removal, thus achieving weight loss! Besides losing weight, the energy can stimulate collagen proliferation at the innermost skin layers. New collagen content tightens and firms your skin, improving saggy skin, cellulite, and other common post-weight loss skin concerns, which help you lose weight while remind a smooth body outline.

Is the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment safe?

Professionally trained aesthetic therapists will conduct your HIFU Fat Burner Treatment. At the beginning of the treatment, the therapist will perform a patch test and explain the weight loss procedure. You will also receive a personalized weight loss treatment plan. This HIFU weight loss Treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive; there will be no wounds or incisions. Most users reported having a painless and comfortable weight loss experience.

How long does it take for the weight loss results to show?

You will see visible weight loss results after just one treatment. Since your body needs time to remove the dissolved lipid metabolically, you will likely see the most significant weight loss results 1 to 2 months post-treatment. You may choose to undergo the HIFU Fat Burner Treatment regularly to maintain your weight loss results. The actual number of treatment sessions needed depends highly on your body type and conditions - you are welcome to contact our professional beauty consultants for more details.

Where can I enjoy discounted first trial of HIFU Fat Burner Treatment in Hong Kong

Perfect Medicalis now promoting a special offer of HIFU Fat Burner Treatment.Simply register online to experience an entire treatment session for free. As complementary service, the professional experts will provide you with a customized treatment and answer all your relevant questions. Feel free to contact us for more information. Learn about Hong Kong branch addresses and opening hours

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer