Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment  Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment

Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment

Come lay down and lose body fat by 30% and gain muscle by 25%! It's not magic - it's the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment (Emsculpt NEO 2nd)! Emsculpt NEO 2nd demonstrates the pinnacle of medical slimming technology, eliminating body fat by 11%3 more than the previous generation of Emsculpt treatment! What's more, this newer treatment incorporates the novel Synchrode™ technology, effectively heating and breaking down fat cells, as well as tightening post-weight loss cellulite, helping you achieve a fit and firm silhouette!

Want the following effects?

Tightens body outlines

Fat loss

Muscle gain

Relaxing and convenient procedure for easy outcomes

What was a fantasy is now a reality! Get fit in your sleep now!

Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment

Emsculpt NEO 2nd is simply more powerful than the first generation! Its ungraded HIFEM+ electromagnetic power can reach within the muscle groups, inducing high-intensity contractions for 30 minutes, effectively burning fat and strengthening muscles. This treatment can also reduce the risk of Diastasis recti by 19%3, which is great for new mums who wish to tighten their torso. Emsculpt NEO 2nd is perfect for those who don't have the time or effort for strength training and cardio.


Emsculpt NEO 2nd is the world’s only medical technology for fat-reducing and muscle-building. Its ungraded and patented HIFEM+™ technology can send electromagnetic energy to the muscle group, pinpointing the motor neurons into stimulating the muscles. A 30-minute treatment session equals 20,000 intense reps of strength training, and 4 treatment sessions amount to 12 to 16 weeks of strength training! Besides increasing muscle volume by 25%, this treatment also incorporates the pioneering Synchronize™ technology, heating the fat tissues to 45°C to destroy them for metabolic removal, drastically reducing fat volume by 30% 3.

Target Issues

Biceps, Triceps, Abs, Buttocks, calves and arms 1

Target Users

People who want to get lean and fit


Maintain a healthy and balanced diet post-treatment for long-lasting results 2


Non-invasive, painless and wound-free 2


Four Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation
Body Sculpting Treatment Advantages

全球首创增肌同时减脂 *

World’s only technology for simultaneous fat loss and muscle training 3

专利HIFEM+ ™ 技术

Patented HIFEM+™ technology 3

美国FDA Cleared及欧盟CE认证

FDA-Cleared3 and CE-Certified3


Non-invasive and painless 2

Benefits of Strengthening Your Muscles


Help control blood sugar levels

Asian diets are often high-carb which, combined with a 9 to 5 sedentary working schedule in the office, increases the risk of diabetes drastically. The liver and muscles convert glucose to glycogen. Your muscle volume decreases when you lack exercise, meaning your muscle mass is insufficient to burn off all glucose. The excess glucose will reside in your bloodstream, increasing your insulin level. Insulin helps turn glucose into fat for storage. Therefore, gaining muscle helps to control blood sugar levels and lower the risk of diabetes.

Boost life quality

Strength training adds to muscle mass and strength. Both help energises you during the day, strengthen your nervous system for better athletic performance, lower your risk of injury, and improve your daily life quality.

Improve joint condition

A lot of people suffer from joint pain because they lack strength training. In reverse, many people skip strength training for fear of worsening their joint pain. In truth, sufficient strength training improves muscle and joint conditions and helps relieve pain in the back, knees and hips. Strength training also increases your bone density and strength, which are vital for preventing bone cracks, falls, and osteoporosis.

Gain a better body outline

Lean muscles make for a toned, fit and attractive body outline. Bigger muscle mass also speeds up metabolism for a slower ageing process. While 1 kg of body fat takes up 4 to 10 calories, 1 kg of muscle burns 75 to 125 calories. This means a big muscle mass helps your burn more calories in your sleep than the others do when they are awake.


Why choose the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment?

增肌25% 减脂30%

25% Muscle Gain, 30% Fat Loss3

Clinical studies prove the Emsculpt Neo 2nd reduces body fat by 30%, adds muscle mass by 25%, and lowers the risk of diastasis recti by 19%3


Tighten Body Outline

The upgraded and patented HIFEM+™ technology emits electromagnetic signals to stimulate motor neurons, inducing 20,000 supramaximal contractions3 within 30 minutes. These contractions are akin to reps in strength training, giving you firm and attractive muscle outlines.

腰围减 5.9cm

Trim waistline by 5.9cm3

7 individual pieces of literature show a 5.9cm decrease in the waistline in 2 to 4 weeks after finishing the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment.

安全可靠 无创无痛

Safe, Non-Invasive, Painless

This UK-developed treatment is FDA-cleared and CE-certified3. This non-invasive procedure is painless, giving you only warmth and slight tucking sensations in the muscles.

Gain muscle by 25%! 3 Click here to try the magic!

Steps: The Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment

Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

Perfect Medical's professional team will inquire about your treatment expectation. Then, the team will perform a detailed analysis of your body shape, localised body fat distribution and desired body part for sculpting. Finally, the team will customise the most suitable and efficient treatment plan for you.

Step 2

Set up a Muscle-Gain and Fat-Loss Treatment Plan

Our beauty consultant inquires about your daily habits to maximise body sculpting results. The purpose here is to pinpoint your causes of fat gain and reasons for past slimming failures.

Step 3

Preparation Pre-Treatment

Perfect Medical's beauty therapist will explain to you the theory and procedure of the Emsculpt NEO 2nd. The therapist will also let you have a feel of the treatment probe - this is to ensure no adverse reactions.

进行 Emsculpt NEO 第2代减脂增肌疗程
Step 4

Operate the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Procedure

The patented HIFEM+™ technology emits electromagnetic energy to stimulate motor neurons, inducing supramaximal contractions in the muscles. Additionally, the Synchrode™ technology heats and breaks down the fat cells. Both technologies work to tighten fat body parts and strengthen muscles.

Step 5

Professional Follow-up

After completing the session, the beauty therapist and consultant take note of your reactions and opinions on the treatment. They will also provide details on treatment aftercare. Lastly, they will also help you book the next session if necessary.


Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting
Treatment Aftercare


  • Maintain a balanced diet and increase protein and fibre intake to aid muscle growth and toxin expulsion.
  • Rest regularly and sufficiently to accelerate metabolism.


  • Avoid excessive intake of fats or sugars; do not overeat.
  • Avoid staying up late, as insufficient sleep impact collagen production

Comparing Popular Fat Loss Methods

The Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment


HIFEM+™ patented technology stimulates intense muscle contractions for 30 minutes, effectively strengthening muscles. In addition, the Synchrode™ technology penetrates, heats and breaks down excess fat tissues.

Wait Time for Results

See improvement after the first treatment. Enjoy maximal treatment results by 2 to 4 weeks post-session.


Maintain regular sleeping hours, healthy life habits and a basic workout routine to enjoy long-lasting treatment results.


Non-invasive, painless and no recovery period.

Comfort level

You might feel sore in the treatment area during the procedure.

Required Sessions

Depending on individual needs. Generally, treatment results become significant after 4 sessions. Those who wish for more outstanding results can take additional sessions.

Ketogenic diet


The ketogenic diet primarily consists of high fats, moderate proteins, and low carbohydrates. Consume no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily to force the body to burn fat, breaking it down into 'ketones' for energy for fat loss.

Wait Time for Results

Depends. Some people are lucky to see results within three weeks.


Maintain the ketogenic diet continuously for long-lasting results.


Side effects include ketoacidosis, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, constipation, diarrhoea, hypoglycemia, etc.

Comfort level

Things get easy once your body gets used to using ketones as energy. However, many people cannot reach this state, and their bodies are deprived of glucose and become frail and sick.

Required Sessions

You will need to maintain the ketogenic diet for a long time. However, once stopped, you may gain the weight back.

Running ad jogging


Exercising helps burn body fat and shrink fat cells for weight reduction. Running trains full-body muscles, including the quadriceps and popliteus muscles in the thighs.

Wait Time for Results

Exercise consistently (at least half a year for most people) to see slimming results.


Maintain a regular exercise routine for long-lasting results.


Jogg with proper posture for safety.

Comfort level

Many people struggle with accelerating and keeping their heart rates at the fat-burn zone.

Required Sessions

Have a regular running routine to maintain long-term results.

Hong Kong Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment Real Results






Body Profile Analysis And Emsculpt NEO

Body Profile Analysis And

Emsculpt NEO

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Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment

What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd generations of Emsculpt treatments?

The 1st generation of Emsculpt incorporates only the HIFEM™ technology but not the Synchrode™, thus making this treatment less effective in tightening skin than its successor. Statistics show that the 1st generation of Emsculpt reduces fat mass by 19%, adds muscle mass by 19%, and lowers the risk of diastasis recti by 11%. In comparison, the Emsculpt NEO 2nd burns fat by 30%, increases muscles by 25% and decreases the risk of diastasis recti by 19%.

Does the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment hurt?

No. The Emsculpt NEO 2nd needs no incision for fat tissue extraction. Instead, the innovative and patented HIFEM™ technologies induce intense muscle contractions in a 30-minute session, achieving 12 to 16 weeks of strength training results with just 4 sessions. The treatment also incorporates the Synchrode™ technology to heat fat tissues to 45 degrees Celsius, breaking down fat cells for natural metabolic removal. You will only feel slightly warm, sore and tired, which doesn't interrupt your daily routine.

Which body part is the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment most ideal for?

Emsculpt NEO 2nd is ideal for all body parts which need to lose fat and gain muscle. Some examples are the biceps, triceps, abs, buttocks, calves, and arms. The only body part not suitable for this treatment is the face.

Who should not undergo the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment?

Pregnant women or those planning a pregnancy should not undergo this treatment. In addition, people with metal implants, those prone to bleeding, those with tumours, those who breastfeed, those with heart diseases, chronic diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and dysfunctional liver and kidneys are not suitable for this treatment.

When can I notice the results of the Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment?

You may notice significantly thinner fat tissues after 2 weeks of metabolic process post-treatment. At the beginning of your treatment plan, we recommend you take two sessions per week, aiming for 4 sessions per 2 weeks - this frequency ensures optimal treatment results. Each session takes about 30 minutes, during which you can turn off your electronic devices to relax.

Where can I enjoy discounted first trial of Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment in Hong Kong

Perfect Medical is now promoting a special offer of Emsculpt NEO 2nd Generation Body Sculpting Treatment.Simply register online to experience an entire treatment session with discount. As complementary service, the professional experts will provide you with a customized treatment and answer all your relevant questions. Feel free to contact us for more information. Learn about Hong Kong branch addresses and opening hours

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer