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ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

Losing weight is a common wish among women of all ages. However, most of us are too occupied at work, too tired to exercise, and too drained to diet. What's more, exercising and dieting can only reduce the volume of stored fat, which will bounce back once the weight loss efforts stop. Luckily, Harvard University has developed a treatment to end this vicious weight-loss rebound effect - the ColdSculpt 3rd Gen Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment. ColdSculpt 3rd Gen freezes and necrotizes fat cells at low temperature, directly reducing fat cell amount by 27%^3 in 35 minutes. One single treatment course can target and reduce four fatty areas simultaneously, giving you painless, efficient and effortless slimming results.

Do You Want the Following Weight-Loss Results?

Reduces Body Fat

Tightens Skin

Rejuvenates Skin

Spot Reduction

Achieve spot reduction! Get slim effortlessly without losing cup sizes!

ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

Fat cells are weak against cold temperatures. The Harvard University invented the ColdSculpt 3rd Gen technology, which can thin out fat tissues by targeting and destroying fat cells, making for rebound-free weight-loss results. This non-invasive and painless body contouring treatment is the ideal weight loss method for office ladies who sit for long hours!


ColdSculpt3rd treatment emits cryowaves into the fat tissues, effectively freezing and necrotizing fatty cells for natural metabolic excretion. The fat tissues become thinner as a result, giving you your ideal body weight. This body contouring treatment also tightens the skin in the treated area to reduce the appearance of cellulite and weight-loss-induced skin laxity. One single treatment course is enough for simultaneous spot reductions in multiple body parts, such as upper arms, waist, abdomen, thighs, belly and more.

Targeted Body Parts

Thighs, belly, waist, flanks, calf, upper arms, arm, hips and knees1.

Suitable Users

Anyone with obesity concerns.


Maintain regular diets and workouts post-treatment to preserve long-lasting results2.


This fat reduction treatment is non-invasive, painless, safe and harmless on the skin2.


Four Main Fat Reduction Treatment Advantages


Directly break down fat cells3


Tightens skin2




Non-invasive and painless2

Common Localised Fat Areas


Waist and Tummy

Oddly enough, the waist and tummy are not hard to slim down, but they just gain weight so easily. Many office workers have slim limbs but a wide waistline - they are often too busy and tired to exercise, which allows fat to accumulate into a big belly. Furthermore, city dwellers are susceptible to high-sugar food such as soft drinks, packaged snacks and cafe desserts. One moment of mindless indulgence and you have already exceeded your daily calorie limitation. What's more, sugar loves to settle in the waist and abdomen, as these body parts are barely exercised in daily routines. Besides food, high estrogen production also aids lower-body fat gain, increasing a woman's chance of getting a large waistline!

Upper Arms

Jiggly upper arms can be so hard to lose! The term "jiggly arm" refers to the muscles at the back of our upper arms named triceps. The fat tissues in some body parts, such as the triceps, are prone to thicken. Also, gravity can cause the skin at those body parts to sag over time. Combine these two factors with insufficient exercising, and you've got droopy, loose, fatty upper arms. Additionally, the triceps are connected to the underarms where many lymph glands reside. Therefore, upper arm fats can block lymphatic circulation and results in water retention.


A fat lower body is a common symptom of city living. Unfortunately, the front and inner thigh fat can only be lost via extremely strenuous exercises. Women especially find it hard to lose thigh fat, as the female bodies produce more estrogen, making for more fat deposits in the thighs. Luckily, ColdSculpt3rd can solve this issue with ease.


The female body reserve extra fat in the thighs and buttocks. Targeted workouts are necessary for slimming down these specific body parts. However, those who work in the offices usually sit for hours, allowing fat to settle in the buttocks, resulting in a fat and flabby butt. To get a firm and tight "peachy" butt, you must first lose fat and then gain muscles.


Why choose the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment?


Tighten body outline

ColdSculpt3rd can directly freeze and kill fat cells, thinning fat layers and naturally tightening the body outline.


Improve cellulite

Besides eliminating lipid cells, cryolipolysis technology can also reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin, and restore the skin's youthful vitality.力


R&D by Harvard University

Harvard University developed body contouring technology, guaranteeing safety.


Safety and painless procedure

Cryolipolysis technology is non-surgical, meaning no incisions, anesthesia or injections. The treatment process is safe, painless and requires no downtime.

Why wait? Come and slim down your body easily, painlessly and non-surgically!

ColdSculpt 3 Steps of the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

Perfect Medical's professional beauty consultants will use an analyzer to evaluate the client's body fat percentage and distribution. The consultants and the client will also discuss the body parts for targeted weight loss and the client's daily habits (i.e. diets and workout routines).

Step 2

Understanding the Client's Expectations

After learning about the client's daily habits, the Perfect Medical team will get to know the client's expectations, desired weight-loss body areas and desired body. Then, our team will use these pieces of information to customize an exclusive nonsurgical fat reduction treatment for the client.

Step 3

Treatment Preparation

The aesthetic therapists will explain to the customers the process and expected results of the fat reduction treatment. Then, the therapists will adjust the instrument to release the appropriate amount of energy and test it on a patch of the client's skin. The treatment will begin only after confirming the client's comfortability.

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Step 4

ColdSculpt3rd Procedure

The aesthetic therapists will perform ColdSculpt3rd on your treatment area. The client will feel cold and a slight "pulling" sensation. The cryolipolysis instrument's suction probe will lift the treatment area's skin to absorb the area's body heat. Then, the handpiece will emit low-temperature cryowaves to the fat tissues underneath the treatment area to freeze the fat cells within.

Step 5

Follow-up Post-Treatment

After completing the coldsculpting treatment, our beauty consultants will ask for the client's feedback on the treatment and instruct on aftercare post-treatment. The client can ask the consultants any questions they have. The consultants will also help the client with making the next appointment.


Post-Treatment Aftercare


  • Hydrate your skin and body daily to promote metabolism for quicker treatment results.
  • Eat sufficient protein daily for refilling and producing collagen to improve the skin's elasticity.


  • There may be slight redness and itchiness in the treated area. To avoid further irritation, please do not rub the area.
  • Avoid excessive calorie intake, as it makes for faster fat accumulation than fat excretion, which can render the ColdSculpt3rd treatment useless.

Are you troubled by a large waistline and jiggly arms?


Comparing Popular Weight-Loss Methods

ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment


ColdSculpt3rd exploits fat cells' cold-sensitive characteristics by emitting cryowaves to freeze and break down fat cells with intense cold. The destroyed cells then go through natural metabolic removal.

Wait Time for Results

Witness spot reduction results after two weeks of metabolism post-treatment.


Enjoy long-lasting results by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Non-surgical, painless, and harmless.


A very comfortable cosmetic treatment.

Needed Session Amount

Fat reduction begins with just one session. Finish the entire treatment course for significantly thinner fatty tissue.

Liposuction Theory


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery for spot reduction. During the fat removal procedure, the cosmetic surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a hollow metal tube to break down the subcutaneous fat tissues. Then, the cosmetic surgeon uses a syringe or a pump to suck out the fat tissues.

Wait Time for Results

Witness visible fat reduction results 2 to 3 months post-downtime.


To extend your surgical results, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining diet and exercise routines.


Risky- in fact, there had been fatal cases of liposuction.


This is an invasive fat reduction surgery that requires local or general anesthesia.

Needed Session Amount

Depend on individual needs.

Aerobic Exercises


You are performing an "aerobic workout" if you have been maintaining 70% of your maximum heart rate for at least 90 seconds. Jogging is a typical aerobic exercise. Generally speaking, you must perform an uninterrupted 20-minute aerobic-workout session for fat reduction to begin.

Wait Time for Results

Maintain a regular workout routine for average fat reduction results after half a year.


Maintain an exercise routine for long-lasting results.


Maintain correct workout posture for safety.


Working out can be challenging; it also requires patience and persistence.

Needed Session Amount

Work out regularly for long-lasting fat reduction results.

Real Treatment Results


Before Treatment


After Treatment


Body Profile Analysis And ColdSculpt 3rd

Body Profile Analysis And

ColdSculpt 3rd

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What is the theory behind the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment?

ColdSculpt3rd exploits the fat cells' weakness against cold temperatures - during this fat reduction treatment, specialized cryowave energy is emitted to freeze and necrotize fat cells. The dead fat cells then go through metabolic removal. As a result, fat tissues get thinner naturally and harmlessly. With just one treatment, you can simultaneously slim down multiple common body fat areas, such as the upper arms, waist, tummy and thighs. The cryowaves can also tighten skin, improve the appearance of cellulite, and revive aged skin.

Will the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment brings rebounding effects?

The number of fat cells in your body is fixed once you've reached adulthood. Dieting and excising reduce the sizes of the lipid cells, which are bound to get big again once the weight-loss efforts stop. ColdSculpt3rd's cryolipolysis technology directly freezes and necrotizes the fat cells for excretion. Since the body will not produce more lipid cells, the number of lipid cells within the fat tissues is forever smaller, preventing rebound weight gain. Simply maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise to enjoy long-lasting slimming results!

How is the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment better than aerobic exercises?

Needless to say, aerobic exercise is excellent for both weight loss and overall body health. However, not everyone has the patience, endurance and time for frequent workouts. ColdSculpt3rd treatment can help you achieve effortless weight loss - one course of treatment can grant you slimming results comparable to several months of rigorous workouts. Moreover, ColdSculpt3rd is a painless and non-surgical treatment - meaning no incision, needle, medication, or bodily harm. Visible results occur merely two weeks post-treatment, making ColdSculpt3rd an efficient and effective fat loss treatment.

Who should not take the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment?

Most people with stubborn fat body parts can take the ColdSculpt3rd treatment. However, the following people are not suitable for this cosmetic procedure: patients with lupus, diabetes or heart diseases; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; and those taking long-term medications. To confirm your eligibility for the ColdSculpt3rd treatment, please register online for a free trial, where our professional beauty team will walk you through the treatment's theory. The team will also conduct a detailed body analysis to determine whether your body condition allows for the ColdSculpt3rd treatment.

Can I prevent weight gain?

Sure! First and foremost, maintain a balanced diet that stays within the daily calorie and fat intake limits. Try to cook with fresh ingredients, as canned food is highly processed with tons of added sugar and oil. Instead of fatty meat such as pork bellies and ribs, pick lean meat instead. Also, the more variety of vegetables, the better! Vegetables are safe to eat in large quantity, as they provide mass and dietary fibres, both of which makes you full very quickly. Pick low-fat or skimmed dairy products. When eating out, make sure to pick vegetable soup or light soups as your soup-of-the-day. You should also have soups and vegetables first to get full quicker and, as a result, eat less fatty food. Lastly, avoid overeating meat, grains and sauces.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer