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Bye-Bye Arm Treatment Bye-Bye Arm Treatment

Bye-Bye Arm Treatment

There is something so chicly feminine about showing off a pair of toned and silky arms in a sleeveless top. Unfortunately, while beauty comes in all sizes, flabby arms often discourages many women from showing off their sensual side. If you are dissatisfied with the outlines of your upper arms, Perfect Medical's Bye Bye Arm Treatment is here for you.

The treatment's patented High-Density Electro Magnetic Energy (HDEMS) technology stimulates motor neurons into performing supramaximal muscle contractions. The contractions, akin to exercises, burn your body fat and tone your arm muscle group simultaneously, giving you a pair of lean and toned arms!

Do You Want The Following Benefits?

Lose arm fat

Strengthen arm muscle group

Tone the arm outlines

Slim down flabby arms

The one treatment to lose arm fat once and for all!

Bye Bye Arm Treatment

Uninterrupted exercise-like muscle contractions within 20 minutes - accelerate fat metabolism for a pair of beautiful upper arms!


The patented HDEMS technology emits electromagnetic pulses 7cm deep into the arm muscle group, inducing 3600 supramaximal muscle contractions within 20 minutes. These contractions can speed up excess fat cell metabolism by 5 times, effectively reducing your upper arm fat tissues while toning arm muscles, resulting in firm and fit upper arm outlines!

Targeted Concerns

Significantly tone flabby arms 1

Suitable Users

This treatment is ideal for those with flabby arms and wish for a pair of firm and strong arms.


See noticeable firming effects with just one treatment session; complete the entire treatment course to get rid of flabby arm for long-term 2.


This is a non-invasive fat reduction and muscle training treatment. The procedure helps you lose fat without incisions, and brings neither skin damage nor pain 2.


Four Main Treatment Advantages


Patented HDEMS Technology 3


Instant Results 2


Lose Arm Fat Completely

非入侵性 无创无痛

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, Pain-free 2

Common Causes of Jiggly Arms


Lack of Exercises

A sedentary lifestyle slows down your metabolism. What's more, you rarely use upper arm muscles in your daily life. These factors enable fat to accumulate in the upper arms, resulting in flabby arms, and making it hard to lose arm fat.

Bad Postures

Your postures can result in flabby arms. Hunching leaves your trapezius and triceps loose, making for saggy and floppy muscles in the long term. Hunching also thickens the appearance of your back and shifts your back fat to the upper arms.

Poor Diet

Your diet matters. Unhealthy food (fatty, salty, or low-fibre foods) and an irregular eating schedule can impact your hormonal secretion and metabolic rate. This leads to water and toxin retention in the upper arms, resulting in weight gain and flabby arms.

Ill-Fitting Undergarments

A bra too tight or loose can impact both your breast shape and health. For instance, your breast fat can be shifted to the upper arms, reducing your cup sizes while thickening your upper arms.


Why Choose the Bye Bye Arm Treatment?


Workout-like Results

Witness impressive results with a 20-minute session! 36000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session to lose arm fat with ease 3!


Muscle Gain + Fat Loss

Patented HDEMA technology3 stimulates the muscles to perform exercise-like contractions, toning your arm muscle group and dissolving excess body fat.


Speed up Fat Metabolic Rate 3

This treatment increases the muscle volume and the fat metabolic rate in your upper arms, which helps you lose weight and gives you fit and firm arm outlines.


Recovery Not Needed

This treatment requires neither injections nor incisions. During the procedure, you will feel, at most, a contracting sensation within your muscles. The procedure helps you lose fat safely and painless. It is also downtime-free 2.

Lose Arm Fat without Working Out!

Steps of the Bye Bye Arm Treatment

Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

The Perfect Medical professional team will evaluate your body shape, arm fat distribution and muscle-to-fat ratio.

Step 2

Consultation on Daily Habits

Our beauty expert will get to know your daily habits, including your workout routine, food preferences and sleeping schedule. Then, the expert will help you set up the most suitable treatment plan based on the most likely causes of your flabby arms.

Step 3

Treatment Preparation

The beautician will explain the treatment theory and procedure before the treatment. Then, they will perform a patch test on your skin. Finally, the beautician will perform the treatment procedure only after no adverse reaction.

进行拜拜手 byebye疗程
Step 4

Performing the Procedure

All our treatments are performed by experienced beauticians. Your beautician will emit electromagnetic pulses into the thickest post of your upper arm fat tissues. The electromagnetic pulses will stimulate exercise-like contractions.

Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow Up

Your assigned beauty expert will follow up on your opinion and skin reaction immediately post-treatment. There will also be a before-and-after-treatment comparison of your upper arms. Lastly, the expert will help you will booking the next appointment.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Drink more water post-treatment to aid lipid and toxin expulsion.
  • Enjoy long-term treatment results by maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.


  • Avoid all high-energy treatments (i.e. laser, IPL, RF) for your arms for two weeks post-treatment.
  • Prevent skin irritation by avoiding hot baths or showers.

Want Beautiful Arm Outlines?


Comparing Popular Weight Management Methods

Bye Bye Arm Treatment


HDEMS technology stimulates the arm muscle group into performing workout-like contractions, speeding up the metabolic removal of excess fat and strengthening the muscles, resulting in toned arms.

Wait Time for Results

See visible tightening and slimming results after just one session.


Complete the whole treatment course and maintain a healthy lifestyle to enjoy long-term results.


No need for both incision and injection. Woundless and scar-free. Completely safe, with no downtime needed.


The procedure brings a comfy warmth to your treatment area. In addition, the treatment is woundless and painless.

Sessions Needed

Take four sessions within two weeks to enjoy one-to-two-year-long results.

Arm Muscles Strength Training


Strength training exercises for flabby arms, such as push ups, slightly tear up the muscle fibre, which kicks start the muscles' self-repair mechanism, increasing your lean body mass, helping you lose arm fat and tone muscles.

Wait Time for Results

You will need to train for a long time to lose weight and fat.


You will gain what you lose when you stop working out.


You might get hurt if you train without a professional trainer.


Besides pushing yourself to the limit during the workout session, you will also feel sore post-session.

Sessions Needed

Train two to three times per week for several months to lose weight and start seeing results



Consume low-fat, fibre-rich food to shred body fat and lose weight.

Wait Time for Results

Results are not guaranteed. The ending body weight depends entirely on the individual's body and overall body fat rate.


Diet daily to reduce flabby arm fat. See rebounding fat and body weight when dieting stops.


Mostly safe. Though, you will need to take notice of the food you are allergic to.


You shouldn't feel any physical discomfort. However, you might grow tired of the dieting food options and experience binge eating.

Sessions Needed

Depends on the thickness of your upper arm fat tissues.



Before Treatment


After Treatment


Body Profile Analysis And Bye-Bye Arm

Body Profile Analysis And

Bye-Bye Arm

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What causes jiggly upper arms?

Lack of exercise, overeating, and an imbalanced diet are the main reasons for obesity. When you eat more calories than you use, the excess calories transform into body fat to accumulate in all parts of your body. The upper arms, in particular, are prone to fat accumulation. This is because the tricep areas are rarely used in daily life, thus less chance to burn fat there. What's more, factors such as bad postures and ill-fitting bras can shift back fat to the upper arms, resulting in thick and flabby arm fat.

How come flabby upper arms are so hard to get rid of?

Losing arm fat can be challenging. It tends to remain no matter how many push ups you do. Jiggly arm fat resides in the tricep areas, which are rarely used in daily life. Fat and toxin quickly accumulate and are hard to lose without a tricep-targeted training routine.

What is the theory behind the Bye Bye Arm Treatment?

The patented HDEMS technology sends electromagnetic pulses 7cm into the triceps and related arm muscles. The energy stimulates the muscle groups into performing 36000 supramaximal muscle contractions within 20 minutes. The contractions speed up fat metabolism by 5 times, effectively reducing fat tissue volume while tightening the muscles, resulting in toned and smooth arm outlines.

Is the Bye Bye Arm Treatment Safe? Does it hurt?

The Bye Bye Arm Treatment is non-invasive, safe and painless. The procedure brings you, at most, a slight pulsing sensation in your arms (like when you are doing some push ups). The equipment does not cause any damage to the skin and body, meaning no downtime necessary - you can continue your daily routine as usual.

How long does the Bye Bye Arm Treatment take to show results?

Witness immediate tightening effect after the first session. Enjoy long-term treatment by completing the entire treatment course (4 sessions in 2 weeks) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (a balanced diet and a regular workout schedule).

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer