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B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment

Perfect Medical introduces the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment—it boosts your cup sizes and tackles side-breast fat, sagging breasts and other breast-shape concerns3. Rest assured that all your breast-related concerns can be dealt with, no matter your cup size and shape! This non-invasive treatment requires neither medications nor injections. Instead, you can simply lie down for the high-tech bust-enhancing device to stimulate breast acupoints for mammary gland growth. B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment triggers rapid breast fat for bigger cup sizes and restores elasticity and firmness!

Want these breast-care results?

Painless and Non-Invasive2

Increase Bust Size Rapidly1

Regain Perky Breasts1

Restore Elasticity and Firmness

Here's the solution to firming up saggy breasts! Enjoy this relaxing breast-tightening experience!

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment boosts your cup size effortlessly! This non-invasive and painless treatment employs breast acupoints-stimulating massages to activate breast fat growth, reshaping the perfect feminine ratio! Lie down and enjoy a relaxing treatment session with no downtime. B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment is the fastest and most effective way to sculpt an hourglass figure!


This treatment integrates professional breast-enhancement massage and breast acupoint-stimulating technology. The manual massage gently shifts side-breast fat to the front of the chest, resulting in a firm and full breast shape. The non-invasive breast acupoint-stimulating technology device stimulates the mammary glands, triggering hormone secretion for increasing breast fat mass. B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment can firm up your breast shape, thereby addressing breast-related concerns such as small cup size, saggy breasts and wide-set breasts.

Target Issues

Breast-aesthetic concerns, such as cup size, wide-set breasts and saggy breasts.

Target Users

Individuals with a small cup size, saggy breasts, wide-set breasts, or side-breast fat.


The treatment results can last a long time with a proper breast care routine2.


Non-invasive, wound-free and painless2


Four Main Treatment Advantages


Injection and medication-free


Natural increase in cup size3


Eliminate side-breast fat3

非入侵性 无痛无创

Non-invasive and painless2

Common Breast Concerns


Side Breast Fat

Side breast fat troubles a lot of women of all age groups. These accessory breast tissues can be classified into axillary breasts and bra bulges. The former type is inborn and contains some mammary glands that, just like normal breasts, secret hormones. However, bra bulges are more common, which are the accumulation of fat and cellulite usually in between the breasts and the armpits. Bra bulges are the result of wearing the wrong bra size or wearing the bra incorrectly.

Small Cup Size

Small cup size is usually inherited, as some women have genetically fewer breast tissues, fat and chest muscles in their chests. On the other hand, other factors such as restrictive dieting also lead to a reduction of chest fat; while slouching compresses the chest to turn inward, making the breasts look smaller.

Wide-Set Breasts

Draw a triangle with three points: the centre of the collarbones and your nipples. If the distance between your nipples is longer than half your shoulder width, your breasts can be regarded as “wide-set". Aging and birthing cause a decline in collagen content in the skin tissues, resulting in loose breast tissues, making for saggy wide-set breasts. Another reason for saggy breast tissues is ill-fitting undergarments. In contrast, wearing shapewears and massaging the breasts help with correcting wide-set breasts.

Shrinking Breasts

The breasts rarely shrink for no reason. Most women lose their breast fat mass while losing weight. A restrictive weight loss diet can lead to malnutrition, and breast fats are among the first to shrink, especially when the body lacks protein. Whole-body cardio, which is a staple in weight loss workouts, helps burn overall body fat, including that in the breasts. Besides working out and dieting, some ladies take to weight loss pills. The problem is that these pills often contain estrogen-inhibiting ingredients. Using weight loss pills inappropriately may affect hormone secretion, leading to shrinking breasts.


Why Choose the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment?


Increase Cup Size Rapidly

The breast enhancement device stimulates mammary gland growth to increase breast fat mass, making for a bigger bust size effortlessly.


Lift and Tighten Breast Tissues

The professional breast enhancement device can shift and tighten back and side-breast fat to the chest, effectively restoring firm and perky breasts.


Recreate the Golden Ratios

We customize each customer's breast enhancement treatment plan. Besides increasing cup size, we are also devoted to reshaping your breasts to the golden feminine ratios.


Painless & Non-Invasive

No incisions, injections or medications are required. The bust enhancement device stimulates breast acupoints gently to increase breast fat mass.

Troubled by breast concerns? Here's the one solution to deal with them all!

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment Procedure

Step 1

Professional Breast Shape Analysis

Our professional breast enhancement expert will discuss with you to find out your daily breast care habits, as well as conduct a detailed analysis of your chest skin using the professional skin analysis device to understand your breast shape structure and tissue condition.

Step 2

Finalize Treatment Plan Details

Our professional consultant will get to know your expectations and explain to you the principle and procedure of B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment. The consultant will make sure you understand the treatment's functions and techniques before starting the session.

Step 3

Preparation Before the Treatment

Our therapist will first test the breast enlargement device to determine the pressure intensity you are most comfortable with. The therapist will also try massaging your acupoints with the device—this is to ensure you show no adverse reaction.

B6 极速美胸疗程
Step 4

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment

The therapist will place the breast enhancement device onto the breast acupoint areas to start massaging. The massage pressure stimulates mammary gland growth. To ensure you experience no discomfort, the therapist will monitor your reaction carefully throughout the procedure.

Step 5

Professional Follow-Up

After completing the treatment session, our consultant will immediately follow up with you to ask for your opinions and feelings regarding the session. The consultant will also look at your skin reactions and compare the before-and-after comparison of your breast contour and size. Lastly, the consultant will help you with booking the next session.


Aftercare Tips Post-Treatment


  • Apply moisturizing lotion onto the breasts to keep the skin soft and bouncy.
  • Wear suitable bras to maintain and prolong the treatment effects.


  • Do not take overly hot showers for a few days post-treatment to avoid irritating the tender skin.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this position puts pressure on your breasts, resulting in premature aging of the breast tissues and poor blood circulation.

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment: boosts cup size, firms the skin, restores breast elasticity all at once!


Comparing Breast Enhancement Methods

B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment


Manual breast massage and professional breast enlargement device combined to shift side-breast fat to the front of the chest. The device stimulates breast acupoints for hormone secretion, thereby encouraging mammary gland and breast fat tissue growth.

Effective Time

Witness firmer, fuller and perkier breasts after the first treatment2.


Depends on the individual's physical condition. Treatment results can last 1 to 2 years2 with proper care.


This is a non-invasive treatment that requires no incisions, medications or injections, thereby bringing no skin damage1.

Comfort Level

Painless, non-invasive and highly comfortable2.

Session Amount

Depends on the individual's needs. That being said, most users can enjoy breast shape and size improvement right after the first treatment.

Breast Enlargement Pill


Some breast enlargement pills are advertised as herbal formulae but actually contain a large amount of estrogen, especially diethylstilbestrol.

Effective Time

Products with diethylstilbestrol can increase cup size quickly. However, the results are short-living.


Experience cup size loss as soon as you stop taking the pills.


Taking products with diethylstilbestrol may lead to breast-area hyperpigmentation, dark spots on the skin, irregular menstrual cycles, and other adverse reactions.

Comfort Level

May cause several side effects.

Required Frequency

Must be taken constantly to see and maintain results.

Breast Enlargement Cream


Most breast enlargement creams claim to be made of herbal ingredients but actually contain chemicals. More than often, these creams contain estrogen, which can increase the risks of cancer if misused.

Effective Time

High chance you don't see any results.


Results may only become visible after a long time.


Reckless use of estrogen can result in cancer. Therefore, you should pay attention to the ingredients of the breast enlargement creams before you make your purchase.


Some creams can contain skin allergy-inducing ingredients.

Required Frequency

Must be used constantly to maintain results, if there are any.

Real Results






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Chest Analysis And


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What is the principle of B6 Breast Enlargement Treatment?

B6 Breast Enlargement Treatment employs non-invasive technology to stimulate breast-connecting acupoints, thereby stimulating the mammary glands for rapid breast fat mass growth! This treatment integrates professional breast enhancement massage, which helps to shift the back and side fat to the chest. Overall, this treatment helps create tighter, perkier, fuller breasts!

Can I increase my cup size by performing chest workouts?

Chest workouts help strengthen the pectoralis major muscles. When the pectoralis major muscles get bigger, your breasts will naturally become bigger too. However, increasing cup size through workouts takes a long time, as the pectoralis major muscles will only get larger with long-term and regular training. Most people have already given up before the results become visible.

Can I wear functional shapewear AND undergo B6 Breast Enlargement Treatment to resculpt my saggy breasts?

Yes, you can wear functional shapewear while undergoing B6 Breast Enlargement Treatment to enhance the breast-lifting results. Functional shapewear helps hold and shift misplaced breast fat back to the chest. That combined with B6 Breast Enlargement Treatment increasing breast fat will give you more prominent and voluminous breast contours. However, to avoid wearing ill-fitting functional shapewear, which can worsen your breast shape, you should purchase your shapewear from a reputable supplier. You should also consult a professional on selecting the most suitable shapewear.

Can drinking milk and eating papaya help increase bust size?

Milk is rich in estrogen, thus people believe it can stimulate mammary gland growth, hence enlarging the breasts. However, drinking milk to increase bust size does not work for everyone. Also, consuming too much milk may increase the risk of obesity. Similarly, papaya has been rumoured to help increase cup size as it contains papain, which can break down protein for breast tissue growth; papaya is also rich in vitamins A and C, which are supposed to aid breast development—however, this is an unproven claim. Instead, you may increase your consumption of high-protein foods, such as eggs and meat, to promote healthy breast tissues. Vegetarians can opt for collagen-rich foods such as snow fungus and cloud fungus.

Can massaging the breasts help increase cup size?

Massaging the breast acupoints helps promote blood circulation, thus improving the nutrient supply to the breasts—this help to enlarge the breasts. Massaging the breasts can also shift the back or side-set fat to the chest, thus increasing cup size and tightening the breast contours. However, self-massaging without the use of a professional breast-stimulating device gives inefficient and insignificant results.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer